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  • Abby Talks Dirty by Abby
    Abby talks about phone sex
    Location: San Antonio, Texas Flag of Texas

  • Dragonystic's Poker Blog by Adam
    Mostly contains my random musings about poker, but also my daily life and thoughts about music are thrown in.
    Location: Columbus, Ohio Flag of Ohio

  • Masochistic PM, The by adarian
    A new blog on Project Management, Risk and Risk Management, and Leadership in general
    Location: Toronto, Ontario Flag of Ontario

  • Info Health. Natural medicine by Alex
    Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Personal Lubricant, Affect Male Fertility, Weight Loss, Diabetes, cures, natural remedies, natural herbal remedies, health
    Location: New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • by alyssonlago
    Indie Pop Rock Sounds for the dancefloor / Indie pop rock feito sobre medida para as pistas de dança
    Location: Brazil Flag of Brazil

  • Adjustin to life after serving in Iraq by American Soldier
    Follow a soldier as he adjusts to being home after a year in Iraq. We offer views and news stories that you don't normally see on you T.V.
    Location: Kent, Washington (State) Flag of Washington (State)

  • by BansheeNC
    Gay Male With Blog And Cam In Wilmington, N.C.
    Location: Wilmington, North Carolina Flag of North Carolina

  • Turkish Muse by Barbara Isenberg
    An American expat in Istanbul dishes out daily essays, photos and advice on living and travelling in Turkey
    Location: Istanbul, Turkey Flag of Turkey

  • Globetrotting with BeckitaBonita by Becky
    Travel blog from England, Australia and Southeast Asia. Humor and insight on ex patriate Jaffna Tamil culture. ~
    Location: United States Flag of United States

  • Be still my heart by Beth
    Struggling to make sense of it all well all the while hiding behind words.
    Location: Alberta Flag of Alberta

  • Bill Samuel's Journal by Bill Samuel
    Comments on whatever is of interest to Bill Samuel, a Quaker (member of the Religious Society of Friends) interested in Christian renewal and the consistent life ethic.
    Location: Silver Spring, Maryland Flag of Maryland

  • Blackdove's Nest by Blackdove
    About swimming, toastmastering, piano.
    Location: Muntinlupa City, Philippines Flag of Philippines

  • Bloggy McBlogalot by Bloggy McBlogalot
    The most important blog ever written.
    Location: Chicago, Illinois Flag of Illinois

  • Sojourner Pinoy by Bonafide Rarity
    everyday ramblings
    Location: Philippines Flag of Philippines

  • Fotographie by Brad
    A photoblog where I can showcase my work with a camera. Portraits, landscapes and a whole lot more.
    Location: Dorchester, Ontario Flag of Ontario

  • Where Is Your God by Brandon
    A site devoted to atheism, reason and the fight against religious ideology.
    Location: Stockton, California Flag of California

  • Diary Of A Manhattan Real Estate Broker by Brian James
    Tales of Manhattan neighborhoods, and the ever so exciting real estate market in New York City as told by Brian James
    Location: New York, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Eat Without Cooking by Carrie
    Eat Without Cooking features no-cook recipes. We've got no cook recipes for main dishes, side dishes, sauces and salsa, desserts, drinks and lots more! If you like to eat but hate to cook, this is the no-cook blog for you.
    Location: Portsmouth, Virginia Flag of Virginia

  • Thrifty Turtle, The by Carrie
    I like to share hand-clapping projects, thrift steals, refurbished ideas, and crafty DIYs.
    Location: St. Petersburg, Florida Flag of Florida

  • Whimsicalous by Catherine
    A blog named Whimsicalous by a young woman about fashion, art, graphic design and life offering original resources, wallpapers, graphic design help as well as a way to cope with life
    Location: North Carolina Flag of North Carolina

  • Feeding Farley by Charlotte
    Single-girl-turned-married-woman forgoes Frosted Flakes for dinner and instead makes from-scratch deliciousness. Born in 2010, Feeding Farley features an entertaining, conversational literary style and great recipes and pictures.
    Location: Virginia Flag of Virginia

  • Stoneflower Kabbalah by Chasmal
    articles about the global wisdom tradition especially through the lens of the Jewish mystery tradition. The events that have fulfilled the prophecies of the worlds religions and the nature of the new epoch we have entered.
    Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico Flag of New Mexico

  • Cheeky Prof by Cheeky Prof
    Commentary from a malcontent academic
    Location: United States Flag of United States

  • Cher Cabula's Mindbox by Cher Cabula
    A mixed bag of reviews on food, games, books, movies and products with a dash of personal insights on events, interesting stuff and everyday life.
    Location: Antipolo, Philippines Flag of Philippines

  • Cathers Web Blog by Chris
    Author is Chris Cathers located in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Blogging on news, arts, entertainment, resources, pictures, links, and everything in between Vancouver Island.
    Location: Nanaimo, British Columbia Flag of British Columbia

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