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Birthdays on 9 October (101 weblogs found.)

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  • Reap the Whirlwind by Aeric
    The ramblings of an English teacher in Japan.
    Location: Tokyo, Japan Flag of Japan

  • Remembrance of Things Past by Anamnesis
    Movie Reviews and Rants as well as Short Film, TV and Soundtrack features and whatever else I can think of!
    Location: Tasmania, Australia Flag of Australia

  • Cooking Books by Andrea
    A food and cooking blog focused on fresh healthy ingredients and culinary exploration through a vast collection of food books!
    Location: New York, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Oracle of the Bistro, The by Andrestendion
    A new place to dish on ongoing federal probes in Berks County, PA. Who's getting investigated and who's wearing a wire. Reading, Muhlenberg, Exeter, Spring, Cumru, Flying Hills and Wyomissing.
    Location: Reading, Pennsylvania Flag of Pennsylvania

  • Big Guy In A Big City, A by Andrew
    A(nother) blog about someone who spends almost equal amounts of their time living in the country (Lake District) and a city (Leicester). Who knows, it could be interesting.
    Location: Leicester, England Flag of England

  • Head in Knots by Annie
    Personal musings about travel, sports, pop culture and more by Annie Freccero.
    Location: California Flag of California

  • Good Many Dramatic Situations Begin with Screaming..., A by Barbarella
    Bipolar Disorder, Parenting, Depression, Day-to-day life
    Location: Kentucky Flag of Kentucky

  • Big 4 Life by Big 4 Life
    Dispelling myths about the accounting profession one at a time.
    Location: Boston, United States Flag of United States

  • Mr. Media by Bob Andelman
    Exclusive interviews by Mr. Media, a.k.a., Bob Andelman, with newsmakers in TV, radio, movies, music, magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, and comics! Read them online or download to your iPod or other portable MP3 player!
    Location: St. Petersburg, Florida Flag of Florida

  • Mr. Media Radio Interviews by Bob Andelman
    Interviews with celebrities and media newsmakers in film, TV, the arts, politics, culture, online and business.
    Location: St. Petersburg, Florida Flag of Florida

  • by Bob Andelman
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays/Tampa Bay Rays Baseball
    Location: St. Petersburg, Florida Flag of Florida

  • Artist/Adventurer: Bonnie Kelso by Bonnie Kelso
    Artist and adventurer, Bonnie Kelso tells the stories behind her artwork. Based on natural forms, her abstracted works of art aim to inspire you with positive energy.
    Location: Las Vegas, Nevada Flag of Nevada

  • Chihiro 9 by Brenda - Chihiro
    the development of many characters and a story, pensamientos al aire, my life / mi vida, etc...
    Location: Monterrey, Mexico Flag of Mexico

  • I'm not wearing any pants. by Brock Debenham
    Ideas and political commentary from Brock Debenham, plus all the personal details of Brock's life!
    Location: Edmonton, Alberta Flag of Alberta

  • Liposuction Blog, liposuction info, cost, best surgeons and testimonials by Burcu
    The best liposuction related blog online.
    Location: New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Cat's Blog by Cat
    it's a blog about my daily life.. there's a bit about dance and a bit about gadgets, computers, apple etc.
    Location: Selangor, Malaysia Flag of Malaysia

  • Cookbook, The by Catrina
    This site is about friends, family, food, wine, and the special moments when all of these things come together.
    Location: Adelaide, Australia Flag of Australia

  • celestial by celest
    i'm just me, ordinary in a unique way :)
    Location: Singapore Flag of Singapore

  • Boy's Briefs by Chris
    Just one guy's random musings about queer life, pop culture and the inevitable melding of the two. But mostly a bunch of links to hot men.
    Location: Atlanta, Georgia Flag of Georgia

  • Jewlicious by ck
    Location: New York City, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Classic Quarters by Classic
    A Roll of two-bit observances and remembrances.
    Location: Toronto, Ontario Flag of Ontario

  • Suburban Peril by Daejin
    The personal musings of a 30-something high-tech, corporate whore working in the wilds of Canada.
    Location: Canada Flag of Canada

  • Konvergencias Blog by Daniel
    Filosofía y culturas en diálogo, con traducciones de artículos filosóficos al español, pensamiento occidental y oriental.
    Location: Córdoba, Argentina Flag of Argentina

  • What's in my head by Danielle
    A personal blog of a 20-something in Toronto - with the odd current event for educational value.
    Location: Toronto, Ontario Flag of Ontario

  • Blog for clear blog(chinese) by Dennis
    I'm chinses. Just blog for clear blog . On my simple life,rock music,and other things interested me.
    Location: HangZhou, China (PRC) Flag of China (PRC)

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