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  • Monkey Herder by 1734106
    Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota Flag of Minnesota

  • 35 and Single!!! by 38DD
    Rantings about my new life as a recently divorced male. I will fill you in on everything from boring day-to-day stuff, to my most recent sexual escapades. (Hopefully I will have some anyway.)
    Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota Flag of South Dakota

  • by Aaron Landry
    Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota Flag of Minnesota

  • Currency Trading Info by Alimin
    Get the Most out of your Forex Trading with Forex Courses, Forex Trading Tips, Forex Trading Software. Great way to keep updated with your Foreign Exchange Markets.
    Location: Bandar Seri begawan, Brunei Darussalam Flag of Brunei Darussalam

  • Alison's Blog - Start Now by Alison
    A non-elite distance runner on a quest to see if she's capable of qualifying for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials.
    Location: Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts

  • Angry American by AngryAmerican
    Political commentary by one angry American
    Location: Olympia, Washington (State) Flag of Washington (State)

  • Mummy's Corner by Anthony
    A non-profit Blog provides with valuable information to Mummy and Daddy on pregnancy concern, nutrition, articles, news, baby care, postpartum, pregnancy symptoms and much more...
    Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Flag of Malaysia

  • BananaFlip by Bananaflip
    Take a look at my life in Austin, Texas!
    Location: Austin, Texas Flag of Texas

  • Bheja Bazaar by Barrett
    Adventures in multicultural marketing
    Location: Toronto, Ontario Flag of Ontario

  • Benevolus by Benevolus
    Current events and political discussion forum based on newspaper letters to the editor.
    Location: New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Little Red Blog by Beowulf
    This blog looks at radical politics, music and culture. Marx to Mises, Girls Aloud to Steve Reich...
    Location: Salisbury, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Bethany Sounds Off by Bethany
    Just me sounding off on current issues, music, and life in general
    Location: Los Angeles, California Flag of California

  • Behind the Mask by Bhaal
    No fucking description
    Location: Rijeka, Croatia Flag of Croatia

  • FileOn Business blog by BlogmasterB
    The FileOn Business Blog is the place to find out the answers to those question, and more on document management.
    Location: Norwalk, Connecticut Flag of Connecticut

  • Bracuta by Bracuta
    Every day life. Thoughts. Opinions. Comments. Things. Whatever. I decide. You read if you want to. If not, your loss...
    Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Flag of Dominican Republic

  • Football fans by Brad
    all the latest news and gossip from football around the world
    Location: Wolverhampton, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Idle Hours by Brad Miller
    A daily image blog of my life.
    Location: Waterloo, Ontario Flag of Ontario

  • Bitchin 24/7 by butch
    random bitchings from fucked up malaysian roads to how good that plate of nasi kandar tasted yesterday.
    Location: Malaysia Flag of Malaysia

  • ... 10869km away from home by capricorn81
    moments when you stop and think. life is full of these. like checking your bearings on a map. like finding the next clue in a treasure hunt. a moment of hesistation.
    Location: Singapore Flag of Singapore

  • ARQ507 by Carlos Eduardo Rodríguez
    An architecture weblog from PANAMA, Latin America
    Location: Panama Flag of Panama

  • Charles Cingolani ~ The Butler, Pa. Blog by Charles
    All about Butler, Pa. -- Hometown.
    Location: Butler, Pennsylvania Flag of Pennsylvania

  • Monk's Progress ~ by Charles
    . . . a senior citizen tells about the day at home, or wondering about how to live a life centered on higher things, or commenting on music or art or world affairs, or just recounting those passing moments of pleasure that come one's way.
    Location: Butler, Pennsylvania Flag of Pennsylvania

  • Chris Rush Cohen by Chris Rush Cohen
    I post about IP & cyberlaw issues, tech news, and NYC. I am a law student at the Benjamin N. Carodzo School of Law (3L) in NYC.
    Location: New York City, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Cocovida Coconut Oil and Wellness News by Coconut Oil
    Coconut Oil and Health News. All the inside news from the No.1 virgin coconut Oil manufacturer. Cocovida manufactures 100% Organic VCO products using the cold-process, ANH (Absolutely No Heat), production method. All our products are made in the Philippines.
    Location: London, Philippines Flag of Philippines

  • random thought by dan
    my waste of time and ramblings on the net
    Location: Limassol, No place, unknown, or undetermined Flag of No place, unknown, or undetermined

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