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  • 5050 Parents by 5050parents
    Dedicated to fighting for the equal rights of BOTH parents and their children.
    Location: Atlanta, Georgia Flag of Georgia

  • 365 Degrees by A. Akina
    ....... 365 Degrees ........ [[ a day, a life, some ideas ]] Series of story of a Thai girl who lives and studies in USA.
    Location: Bangkok/Phuket, Thailand Flag of Thailand

  • Ideas That Won't ChangeThe World by Aaron
    Ideas can change the world. None of these idea will do that but they will be entertaining.
    Location: New Mexico Flag of New Mexico

  • Business Minder Blog by Aaron Lee
    A place for people running their own business. Useful information for people seeking business mind set. Tools for people who run their own business.
    Location: No place, unknown, or undetermined Flag of No place, unknown, or undetermined

  • No Politics As Usual by Andre Audette
    Challenging partisanship, calling out corruption, and confronting "politics as usual."
    Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota Flag of Minnesota

  • All He Wanted Was To Be Free by Andrew B. Arthur
    A web-blog on New York State Politics with a focus on upstate New York, environmentalism, agriculture, and Andrew's experiences.
    Location: Westerlo, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • F1 World UK by Andy
    Formula One news and chat
    Location: Towcester, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Angkor Wat Cambodia by Angkor
    Your travel guide for Angkor Wat, Cambodia, and its temples. Visit the temples and know their history. Find an hotel or a restaurant in Siem Reap. Explore the Tonle Sap lake and much more.
    Location: Cambodia Flag of Cambodia

  • Annie is the Muffin Girl by Annie
    A creatively ample, opinion-surged, thoroughly amusing web blog with everything from here to the moon.
    Location: United States Flag of United States

  • Anthony Rainone by Anthony Rainone
    Updates on the writings of Anthony Rainone
    Location: Brooklyn, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Log Book Pengamat by anton
    observer log book, astronomy, astrophotography.
    Location: Bandung, Indonesia Flag of Indonesia

  • 3 in ONE Films by Antonio Mendez
    A blog dedicated to filmmaking and the experience of starting an independent film company in New York City.
    Location: New York, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Diabolical or Smart by Anuvrat
    Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak !!
    Location: Kharagpur, India Flag of India

  • Things happen for a reason! by Ashbourne
    Location: London, England Flag of England

  • Flashes of Brilliance with Long Spans of Mediocrity by Ashley
    Musings from a sarcastic writer
    Location: Nashville, Tennessee Flag of Tennessee

  • Ben Blogs by Ben Searle
    The ramblings of a frustrated Christian
    Location: Bristol, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Ghost -- a novel by Bethany
    Ghost is a novel in progress about the gradual breakdown of a college student.
    Location: Kentucky Flag of Kentucky

  • I'ts good to mock by Bill Y
    The name is Bill Y also known as The Y. The words in the blog are fairly random with an emphasis on mocking and some situations I’ve ended up whilst in pursuance of same. Like most blogs, it’s set up for you to leave comments, stories, rantings or whatever comes to mind. So please do.
    Location: Dublin, Ireland Flag of Ireland

  • All About the Penguins by BK
    All About the Penguins - Anything and Everything Penguin Related!
    Location: Stevenson Ranch, California Flag of California

  • Amandla! -- African Americans and Energy by blackEnergy
    Amandla! is blackEnergy’s blog about energy and African Americans. The issues are large and complex, as they are for the country as a whole. But as we say, when America catches a cold, Black folks catch pneumonia. So we’ve got to get a head start.
    Location: United States Flag of United States

  • - The Life of a Rockstar. by Blogger
    Anonymous Rockstar blogs about his life.
    Location: Beverly Hills, California Flag of California

  • Bob's blog by Bob
    This is my Blog, where I will write about what I am reading or writing. I will also write about what is happening in my life. And maybe some comments on various topics.
    Location: Saida, Lebanon Flag of Lebanon

  • Bowietreks by Bobbie
    Personal blog reviewing books, movies, television, science fiction, Indianapolis Colts, etc.
    Location: Indianapolis, Indiana Flag of Indiana

  • Third Of My Life Is Over, A by Bret
    Observations, Fiction, Humor and Old School Recipes by Bret Kerr contact:
    Location: Arlington, Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts

  • by Brian
    College is really hard... on your liver. A hilarious perspective on college life from a guy trying to live it.
    Location: Trenton, New Jersey Flag of New Jersey

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