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Birthdays on 19 February (139 weblogs found.)

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  • Turn Up My Workout by Adam
    Helping you on your weight loss journey to stay motivated through the use of proven workout songs. We provide good information daily about how you can achieve your workout goals.
    Location: New Haven, Connecticut Flag of Connecticut

  • Adam Engelhart by Adam Engelhart
    Location: San Francisco, California Flag of California

  • GizGarage by Anon
    All the geeky news
    Location: Malang, Indonesia Flag of Indonesia

  • Funny and Thoughtful Pics by Ayesha Begum
    You are all invited to see my blog which provide funny and thoughtful pics along with some cute jokes.
    Location: Mumbai, India Flag of India

  • Fylloxera by bart
    Blog about everything winerelated.
    Location: Antwerpen, Belgium Flag of Belgium

  • Dedicated to My bored time by bayibadak
    My Life is so bored, Give me some job please...
    Location: Denpasar, Indonesia Flag of Indonesia

  • Bearwitted by bear
    An Earth centered shamanic perspective.
    Location: Boston, Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts

  • Bella's ChicSHOPatlanta by Bella
    Location: Atlanta, Georgia Flag of Georgia

  • Open Switch by Ben
    This web site shares my ministry happenings and personal thoughts. Think of it as a personality site. That said, one hopes I have an interesting enough personality to keep you entertained for at least a little while.
    Location: Atlanta, Georgia Flag of Georgia

  • Economics and Edibles by Bj
    Economics and Edibles of our Household
    Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma Flag of Oklahoma

  • by Bluze
    Online journal of Bluze, drum 'n' bass producer. Expect computer rants, uploaded tracks and diary entries as he attempts to break into the big time...
    Location: Shropshire, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Lateshift Musings by Bobbi
    St Louis Cardinals baseball, history, work, and the pursuit of happiness.
    Location: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Flag of Oklahoma

  • Cheese, The by Brady
    A humorous look at the Green Bay Packers football team.
    Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin Flag of Wisconsin

  • Brenda Blog, The by Brenda
    Personal narrative about life in my gardens, and searching for my family
    Location: Tyler, Texas Flag of Texas

  • Brett's Blog - Sheer Balance by Brett Blumenthal
    Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts

  • Araucaria by C.Bryant
    Compartir vivencias.
    Location: Oslo, Norway Flag of Norway

  • Kon-Tiki by C.Bryant
    Norway Photography
    Location: Oslo, Norway Flag of Norway

  • perejilpuntocom by C.Bryant
    Location: Oslo, Norway Flag of Norway

  • French Ponytail by Caroline
    A Brooklyn-based health and lifestyle blog for the occasional Big-Mac eater. My views on eating, cooking & running in Brooklyn, NY.
    Location: Brooklyn, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Harp Blog, The by Celticharper
    All about harps - the official blog of the Celtic Harp Page. Advice, tips, articles, harrowing tales of gigs gone awry, pretty much everything and anything related to harps and harping.
    Location: Peterborough, Ontario Flag of Ontario

  • GeekLife by Charlie
    dutch weblog about the life of a geek. lot's of Ubuntu news, technews, & just normal day stuff
    Location: Almere, Netherlands Flag of Netherlands

  • Lezzie Lickin's by Charlotte
    A culinary journey through the tastebuds of an average gay female couple. If you like to eat out, as well as enjoy a good munch at home, then this is the blog for you!
    Location: London, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Alone...Together by Chillyn
    rantings, ravings, ramblings, stories and news of the phase i'm going through that is called life
    Location: Manila, Philippines Flag of Philippines

  • Life's Little Puzzle by Chris and Kelli Higgins
    A blog about the journey of two parents raising a child with autism.
    Location: Indianapolis, Indiana Flag of Indiana

  • Unicorn Child by Chrixean
    I am a graphic designer / home-based business owner / mother / wife / friend and sister to constantly stressed-out mothers / wives who uses her blog as an escape from reality. Basically, it's filled with a mish-mash of thoughts, happenings, outbursts and opinions.
    Location: Philippines Flag of Philippines

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