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  • Ex Husband Files, The by A Mom
    The continuing saga of one mother's fight to collect child support. Deadbeat Dads should be in jail.
    Location: Dallas, Texas Flag of Texas

  • antiparticle by a.
    Location: New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Bluvox by Abie
    Thoughts, notes, musings, analysis, reflections, tours of the underworld, field guides to fallen angels and risen demons, discussion of literature, film, current events, and the heart of the heart.
    Location: San Francisco, California Flag of California

  • Newyorkality by Amanda
    Sexy and addictive; Amanda's Newyorkality.
    Location: Auckland, New Zealand Flag of New Zealand

  • Nailcare By Amber by Amber
    A blog of professional advice and articles about nail care, polishing, techniques, products, false nails and nail decoration for amateurs and professionals alike. Links to quality suppliers and sources of information.
    Location: United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • by Amy
    I'm 23, live in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, and like cats, anime, computers (most of the time -_-;;) and reading.
    Location: Eugene, Oregon Flag of Oregon

  • Space Music by Andrew Lagowski
    Dedicated to sounds of space and space music, as created by Andrew Lagowski (a.k.a. 'S.E.T.I.'). Linked on the seti@home website!
    Location: London, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • SoulJournaler by Andy
    Location: Boyertown, Pennsylvania Flag of Pennsylvania

  • Articoli filosofici by Angelo Bottone
    A dayly review of philosophy papers.
    Location: Napoli, Italy Flag of Italy

  • Loner Chic Gal by angeloraine
    An 18-year old feline female who loves to talk about life, photography and music.
    Location: Seattle, Washington (State) Flag of Washington (State)

  • Thoughtless Thoughts of Count Ray by Animesh Ray
    Ever wondered what goes inside the mind of a 18 year old guy from a town in India...
    Location: Durgapur, India Flag of India

  • Grey Street by Anne
    "She says nothing of what she thinks"; she just writes it all down.
    Location: No place, unknown, or undetermined Flag of No place, unknown, or undetermined

  • Art of the Drink by Anthony Caporale
    "Art of the Drink" is the first video podcast to focus exclusively on bartending. Each week, viewers are treated to a new drink recipe including step-by-step instructions on how it's prepared. And each month they're introduced to a new Drinkart Girl as co-host. Subscribers can collect all the episodes and compile their own free bartending library!
    Location: Durham, North Carolina Flag of North Carolina

  • Awwwareness by Antonin Tuynman
    This blog entails a series of philosophical considerations as regards awareness, consciousness, a global mind, internet as a conscious entity, cybernetics, fluxnetwork technology and much more.
    Location: The Hague, Netherlands Flag of Netherlands

  • Brahmarandhra – where neuroscience meets mysticism by Antonin Tuynman
    A parallel between neuroscience and vedanta. Hypotheses on the interaction between matter and Soul. Mystical aspects of the body-mind dualism.
    Location: Rijswijk, Netherlands Flag of Netherlands

  • Brahmarandhra – where neuroscience meets mysticism by Antonin Tuynman
    Hypotheses about how neuronal brain processes are translated into experiences for the Soul.
    Location: The Hague, Netherlands Flag of Netherlands

  • Certus Veritas by Arden Morley
    Christian Theology and Thoughts
    Location: Houston, Texas Flag of Texas

  • My F1Time Blogs by Aswin Mathew
    A place where i blog about the F1Time Community (
    Location: Chennai, India Flag of India

  • French Foodie in the City, A by Aurore
    Follow a French girl in her quest for good food in New York. Cook with her and discover her favorite recipes, products and restaurants.
    Location: New York City, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • o.o by Bilah
    Bilah.Beatch's attempt to record her utter Beatchness
    Location: Charlotte, North Carolina Flag of North Carolina

  • Dog eat Doug Comic Strip by Brian
    Daily, syndicated comic strip about a puppy and a baby.
    Location: Natick, Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts

  • Casino Gambling Action by Brian Osborne
    Casino gambling action news, events, reviews and comments on topical issues
    Location: Brisbane, Australia Flag of Australia

  • brit blogger by brit blogger
    oxymoronic blithering, sporadic dithering
    Location: Brooklyn, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • SapiensBryan Blog - Your Tech News & Info Hub. by Bryan
    Latest IT Information, news for everyone including IT literate and non-IT literate readers
    Location: Georgetown, Malaysia Flag of Malaysia

  • Vagamundeando Palabras by Cale
    Este blog es para compartir algunos escritos he ideas… Poesía, cuentos, ensayos y otras expresiones…
    Location: Rincon, Puerto Rico Flag of Puerto Rico

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