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  • "Aha. Danke für's Gespräch." - Theater des Alltags by Allen Alien
    Kurze Theaterszenen des Alltags, vom Deutschen Gülle Institut zur Verbreiterung der Sprache.
    Location: Germany Flag of Germany

  • Papiamarontu by Amaro
    The weblog of a Portanti ... based on the concept of the Creole language 'Papiamentu' ... namely a mixture of English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and, last but not least, Papiamentu.
    Location: Netherlands Antilles Flag of Netherlands Antilles

  • BeautyJoyFood by Amy
    A celebration of food, health, and literature
    Location: Tampa Bay, Florida Flag of Florida

  • Movieslog by Anatoly
    Weblog about movies - movie and DVD reviews, trailer and teaser information, movie discussion and much more
    Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia Flag of British Columbia

  • Dadarno by Arno
    Recits et images de voyage. L'art, l'humour, les sciences cognitives, l'acculturation, l'ethologie... sont les interets de mon site qui se veut federateur. Ainsi je m'interesse a l'inter-culturel vue sous le prisme de l'art, de l'humour et de la psychologie. Le voyage est une interface. Les vies denses en soie, c'est la route. La route de soi.
    Location: Ha noi, Viet Nam Flag of Viet Nam

  • I heart Reykjavik by Audur
    A one person's travel guide to Reykjavík. was launched in May 2011 and is an ongoing project where the aim is to provide comprehensive information about Reykjavík and all that it has to offer.
    Location: Reykjavik, Iceland Flag of Iceland

  • Ava, Adore by Ava
    A jaded lesbian starting out as a part-time stripper. Learn the ropes along with me as I look at the awesome and the inane at the club I work at in New York.
    Location: Queens, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • My daily travel by Barry
    Just ramblings of my daily travel to work in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
    Location: Senawang, Malaysia Flag of Malaysia

  • thoughts of a busy mind by beamfrost
    Thoughts of a student who suffers depression. Comments on mostly anything that might need commented on.
    Location: Aberdeen, Scotland Flag of Scotland

  • She´s like the wind by Beth
    A world: more real of the one than imaginary, more imaginary of the one than real. A piece of my untied sensations to the wind
    Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Flag of Brazil

  • Birth Stories by Black Belt Mama
    Birth Stories provides just that: birth stories from a wide range of mothers who have had a wide range of birthing experiences. Birth Stories is a place for veteran mom's to reminisce and for mom's-to-be to find out valuable information. (It also has really cute baby pictures.) Personal birth stories detail what it's like to: go the natural route, have a c-section, choose the drugs, or have a VBAC. Birth Stories is currently accepting birth stories for publication on the site as well.
    Location: Washington, District of Columbia Flag of District of Columbia

  • Black Belt Blogger by Black Belt Mama
    The home of the Honorary Black Belt Bloggers and BBB Alumni news.
    Location: United States Flag of United States

  • BreadCrumb International by Brandon
    A weblog featuring the everyday life of a college student from Wheeling, West Virginia.
    Location: Wheeling, West Virginia Flag of West Virginia

  • Onwards by Bryn
    Just about me, my life and what happens around me.
    Location: Toronto, Ontario Flag of Ontario

  • Cashcobra's Blog by cashcobra
    It's about me and whatever I happen to be intrested in on any given day.
    Location: Newark, Ohio Flag of Ohio

  • cavo - private and uncensored by cavo
    This is a german site with different topics like OpenSource and - of course - my very private view
    Location: Hamburg, Germany Flag of Germany

  • My Bingo Blog by Celeste
    Welcome to the best bingo blog on the Internet! Here you get your daily dose of online bingo ranging from upcoming promotions, bingo lingo to bingo tips. My Bingo Blog also provides its users with other useful information like recipes, trivia, quizzes etc. The fun doesn’t stop!
    Location: Cape Town, South Africa Flag of South Africa

  • Charlie's Life by Charlie
    This is the blog of a 19-year old guy in school at Northwestern University. It chronicles his exciting (sometimes not so exciting) life.
    Location: Evanston, Illinois Flag of Illinois

  • Chris investment and money making tips by Chris
    Writings about my personal online investment journey. Trying to earn some steady income online (if this is possible??!!). Sharing with everyone all the things I had done to ultimately be financially independent :)
    Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Flag of Malaysia

  • Dog Topics - for everything a dog owner needs by Claire Bristow
    Dog blog dedicated to providing you with practical help and tips on how to keep your dog happy, healthy, and be a joy to live with.
    Location: New Zealand Flag of New Zealand

  • closet eating by closet eater
    food addiction through the eyes of a comedy writer.
    Location: United States Flag of United States

  • Electric Dust Bunny by Cyberbutterfly
    A glimpse into the eclectic brain of the Electric Dust Bunny
    Location: Washington, District of Columbia Flag of District of Columbia

  • Hemmings Auto Blogs by David
    Behind-the-scenes insights and news from the staff of the world’s foremost classic car publications. Production cars, American classics, muscle and sports—we drive, photograph and write about them all, and have 53 years of experience to back it up
    Location: Bennington, Vermont Flag of Vermont

  • NewsHound by dennis
    A mix of daily briefs and in-depth reports on political and cprporate corruption and the public interest. Wordwide perspective.
    Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Flag of British Columbia

  • Architecture and Art by Diego
    I truly enjoy architecture and art. I love both because they represent so much about our society and culture. In my opinion, architecture is a form of art, but what makes it so special is that it has a utilitarian purpose. Architecture and art are a representation of our values, believes, views, and ambitions.
    Location: United States Flag of United States

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