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  • Cherry, Plum, Peach and Damson blossoms- by -Princess Shin-
    Buddhism teaches that all things have a unique beauty and mission. Every person has a singular mission, his or her individuality and way of life. Wonder what is mine?
    Location: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Flag of Malaysia

  • EdasWeb by ademex
    Un espacio para descargarme y poner mis pensamientos
    Location: Minatitlan, Mexico Flag of Mexico

  • bicho-pau by Aderbal Elesbão
    A escrita como sonho de uma forma e destruição do "sujet".
    Location: São Paulo, Brazil Flag of Brazil

  • congo voices by Afriqueen
    News about the Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Location: Springfield, Illinois Flag of Illinois

  • Nothing To See Here! by Akajune
    My blog is more entertaining than a dancing monkey on heroin. It really is quite funny. Really. Fine. Don't believe me. Be that way.
    Location: Singapore Flag of Singapore

  • Lyteration by Alex Bendig
    life, work, technology, literature, culture
    Location: Oregon Flag of Oregon

  • AlexNote by AlexNote
    AlexNote - music blog. The pages of this blog have feedback on the songs, biographies of composers, interesting stories about creating music for films.
    Location: Russia, Federation of Flag of Russia, Federation of

  • Period. by Alicia
    A personal blog similar to a diary, only with some poetry, political discussion, and a touch of humor :)
    Location: Salt Lake City, Utah Flag of Utah

  • Dreaming of Sanity by Alita
    Dreaming of the day when things are peaceful and calm but with everyday life being what it is, that's asking a bit much. So here's my blog on everyday life. Welcome .....
    Location: Australia Flag of Australia

  • FreebiesForUs by Alita
    Looking for free things on the net? Then you've come to the right place - check out these great freebies.
    Location: Australia Flag of Australia

  • Life of Noer, The by Allan Noer
    A blog about the life of noer - professionally and personally.
    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Flag of Denmark

  • Evaded by Allee
    The musings of a slightly neurotic twenty year old Muggle girl.
    Location: Ottawa, Ontario Flag of Ontario

  • Aluajala's Cockroaches by Aluajala
    Nature photography and art, stories about hiking, birding, mushroom hunting and other fun stuff
    Location: United States Misc. Caribbean Islands Flag of United States Misc. Caribbean Islands

  • Earthling's Thought, An by Aman
    Location: Pune, India Flag of India

  • American Yank: Analysis & Commentary with an EVIL conservative slant by American Yank
    Kicking conventional thinking on cultural, economical and political spins proposed by the mainstream media with wit and satire.
    Location: United States Flag of United States

  • Javaan Mobarez by amir
    articles and news about the youth movement in iran
    Location: Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of Flag of Iran, Islamic Republic of

  • Futbol Mexicano by Andrea Hilto
    Calidad, fuerza, pasion. El Fútbol Mexicano es todo eso y mas. Aca encontraras todos los goles, partidos y detalles del Futbol Azteca.
    Location: Munich, Germany Flag of Germany

  • Interior Design Dilemma by Angela Todd
    Angela Todd, a Portland Oregon interior designer spills trade secrets HGTV style with interior design ideas, and do it yourself projects that are fresh, updated and kind to our planet.
    Location: Portland, Oregon Flag of Oregon

  • Walking Dead 411, The by Anthony
    Bite into the zombie craze and come get the 411 on The Walking Dead! We offer the latest news, updated interviews, and merchandise offers for the popular AMC show, The Walking Dead.
    Location: Clarksville, Tennessee Flag of Tennessee

  • Eyewitness Lens, The by Antonius Armanious
    The Eyewitness Photoblog. It is just some shots trying to capture life: feelings, deepth, truth, facts, beauty, dreams, misery, joy, love...etc
    Location: Barcelona, Spain Flag of Spain

  • Aramation by aram
    Everything from the mind of aram...
    Location: Montreal, Québec (Province) Flag of Québec (Province)

  • Nothing To Do With Arbroath by Arbroath
    No real Issues. Just stuff and nonsense.
    Location: London, England Flag of England

  • Church of the Painful Truth by Archbishop
    A tech guy with a blog, a.k.a. Archbishop, preaches the painful truth about politics and tech from a conservative libertarian perspective.
    Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Flag of Pennsylvania

  • Ayse'nin Gazetesi by Ayse GENCER
    Whatever I am interested recently you can see it in this blog. This blog consist of me
    Location: Moscow, Turkey Flag of Turkey

  • Articles, News for Future Car by babuchutkan
    Articles, Pictures, News and Reviews about the future cars that would be introduced in the market.
    Location: Delhi, India Flag of India

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