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  • Geek Picks by acidxburn
    A Daily Tech and Internet News Portal.
    Location: Manila, Philippines Flag of Philippines

  • Life without Sports ins't worth living! by Adam
    Random thoughts about the happenings in the world of sports.
    Location: Provo, Utah Flag of Utah

  • Looking to Move? by Adam
    If anyone out there is looking for somewhere to go to find out more info on where they are looking to move - this is the place!
    Location: Provo, Utah Flag of Utah

  • Putting the human back in humanities education by Al
    An analysis of the very weird world of higher education; expensive textbooks; clueless professors; literature professors who hate literature; Business majors forced to learn the MLA style and other sad reminders college life often lacks coherence.
    Location: District of Columbia Flag of District of Columbia

  • Alyssa's Ramblings by Alyssa
    The life and times of Alyssa, a 21 year old Christian chick from Australia. :o)
    Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Flag of Australia

  • Amy Hoare: Web, Marketing and Life by Amy Hoare
    Blog looking at digital, CRM, marketing and other interesting features of life.
    Location: United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Liquid Football by Andy Glover
    A football blog. Fun articles, serious debate, football review, quizzes, polls, pictures and videos. Focus on EPL, SPL and Champions League.
    Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • My Thoughts...I Think? by Angie
    My thoughts about cooking/baking, weightloss/fitness, and funny stuff that happens in life.
    Location: Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin Flag of Wisconsin

  • Aram Schefrin by Aram Schefrin
    What I Do
    Location: Wellington, Florida Flag of Florida

  • Tenth Cow, The by Aram Schefrin
    What would it take to bring Jesus back now? And what would it take to stop it?
    Location: Wellington, Florida Flag of Florida

  • Tweet Petite's Onions: Hype Vaccine by Aram Schefrin
    A daily innoculation against political and cultural b******t
    Location: Wellington, Florida Flag of Florida

  • Ashwith by Ashwith
    Blog focusing on open source EDA tools and projects on embedded systems and robotics
    Location: Bangalore, India Flag of India

  • Opinionated Genius, The by Benjamin Tovar
    Opinions that matter about everyday life and they actually make sense!
    Location: Stockton, California Flag of California

  • Patriot Statesman by Bill
    Fresh conservative commentary on a wide range of topics from politics and culture to religion and family.
    Location: Houston, Texas Flag of Texas

  • BlogTau by BlogTau
    Location: Požarevac, Yugoslavia Flag of Yugoslavia

  • Blue Tea by bluewyvern
    Bluewyvern's featured brew. Links, commentary, and a cup of tea.
    Location: New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Bugzi dont Net by Bugzi
    a glimpse in the mind of a modern day bonnie..
    Location: Los Angeles, California Flag of California

  • bunnywords by bunny
    slightly twisted thoughts about going back to school after years away, moving across the country alone, getting married again and changing my life to give it new meaning. Sometimes raw, always honest.
    Location: Front Range, Colorado Flag of Colorado

  • cooking with gutz by cecil boze
    In the kitchen with the Captain. Good food seasoned with observations on life. love, the universe and everything
    Location: Chillicothe, Illinois Flag of Illinois

  • Sew what's happening? by Christie
    This blog features sewing projects, tutorials, and pattern reviews. It also includes a variety of crochet, knitting and craft projects.
    Location: Wisconsin Flag of Wisconsin

  • Marketing a Book by Christopher Conlan
    How to publish a Book is a blog with book publishing news, book marketing, book promotion, book publicity, book printing and articles about writing a book. Authors, Writers and Book Publishers can all find useful book publishing information on How to Publish a Blog.
    Location: Alberta Flag of Alberta

  • Claudio Parentela&his sweet tender rats by Claudio Parentela
    ''Claudio Parentela&his sweet tender rats ''Contemporary art,illustrations,underground comics,weird collages,Paintings ...and more& Claudio Parentela
    Location: Catanzaro, Italy Flag of Italy

  • eXTra finGer, The by Claudio Parentela
    art-blog of Claudio Parentela with a lot of new interviews to the best undeground artists every week
    Location: Catanzaro, Italy Flag of Italy

  • foggy GRIZZLY by Claudio Parentela
    ''foggy GRIZZLY'':last&new&new&last art blog of Claudio Parentela...Interviews...weird art...&more...)
    Location: Catanzaro, Italy Flag of Italy

  • Th eXTra finGer by Claudio Parentela
    The new art blog of Claudio Parentela.Ton of new interviews to the best underground artists every week!
    Location: Catanzaro, Italy Flag of Italy

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