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  • How did we get there now by T Lee
    A look at politics and military isssues and how a look back through history can help guide us to understanding today's events
    Location: Washington, District of Columbia Flag of District of Columbia

  • 45n5 by 45n5
    45n5 wants to earn $50 per day via the internet. This is his story.
    Location: Lexington, Kentucky Flag of Kentucky

  • Rock Hospital by Ade
    Webzine. Posting news from mostly Swedish band in the genre, Glam.
    Location: Linkoping, Sweden Flag of Sweden

  • Best Blog in the World, The by Adrian
    The Best Blog in the World covers the zeitgeist, going ons and other random nonsense from the The Best Stuff in the World team.
    Location: Melbourne, Australia Flag of Australia

  • Buddha Belly Fortune Cookie by Amy
    24 year old female wishes to spend many saturdays wearing pajamas, watching cartoons, and eating breakfast in bed.
    Location: United States Flag of United States

  • Granny Square Woman by Anastacia
    My personal crocheting blog, complete with pictures of WIP, FO's, etc. I sometimes include links of interesting projects I want to make or want to share with others, free patterns I've designed, etc.
    Location: Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts

  • Ed's World by andy
    random rants and great links blog
    Location: Oldham, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Where is Bob? Tales of an absentee manager. by Anna Shore
    Read amusing tales about our absentee manager, and submit some of your own.
    Location: New York, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Aria'z Ink by Aria
    One woman's journey of self-realization while juggling parenting, relationships, reiki and stay at home mom life as a newly-southernized-California-Yankee...
    Location: Houston~ish, Texas Flag of Texas

  • Bryn Indpendent Methodist Blog by awbridge
    Christian perspective on current issues in the media
    Location: Wigan, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • We Rate Stuff by Ben
    We Rate Stuff provides quality reviews for a variety of topics, including movies, music, games, electronics, books, food/drink, and more.
    Location: Tampa, Florida Flag of Florida

  • All about information by Berderlic Bendow
    All about Information at Business, Advertising, Finance, Loans, Insurance, Internet-and-Businesses-Online
    Location: Bangkok, Thailand Flag of Thailand

  • Weight Loss Steps by BJekins
    “Weight Loss Steps” was created to help you find a broad range of reliable information and effective products about weight loss, health, and fitness, in one convenient location. We wish to welcome you to our web site and extend congratulations on making the first move towards achieving a leaner, healthier, new you!
    Location: Los Angeles, California Flag of California

  • Link Dump by Blog Queen
    Crazy News Links, Interesting Links, Funny Links
    Location: Miami, Florida Flag of Florida

  • Christian Personal Finance by Bob
    Free personal finance help and tips to get out of debt, budgeting, saving, and investing from a Christian perspective. Learn how to get your financial life in order and learn what the Bible says about money, budgeting, saving, debt, and investing.
    Location: St. Louis, Missouri Flag of Missouri

  • Hue and Cry, The by Bob P
    A call to arms from the "Rational Left" for competence, intelligence, and accountability in American society. Irreverent, but never irrelevant, musings on politics, sex, religion, and who knows what...
    Location: Cresskill, New Jersey Flag of New Jersey

  • SEO and Backlink Building by Brian
    The Tools and Information you Need to Start Building 1,000’s of Backlinks to Your Site Quickly and Easily without Spending $100’s!
    Location: Fayetteville , North Carolina Flag of North Carolina

  • Mind of Brian Smith, The by Brian Smith
    axanodus . brian
    Location: Saratoga Springs, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Run Brigitte Run by Brigitte
    A journey back to a healthy me
    Location: Québec (Province) Flag of Québec (Province)

  • Non-Girlfriend by Chicken
    Non-Girlfriend - It IS More Fun This Way!
    Location: Dallas, Texas Flag of Texas

  • Chobo Programming by chobo2
    Learn how to program in C#,, Regular Expressions, Javascript/Jquery and more.
    Location: Canada Flag of Canada

  • Ecards for Everyone by Chris
    Features links to various ecard sites including and! Also includes information about new and interesting ecards.
    Location: Cleveland, Ohio Flag of Ohio

  • Catholic Battleground by Christopher Beattie
    A Catholic chronicle of a soldier fighting to bring the Kingdom of Christ to the world.
    Location: Montpelier, Vermont Flag of Vermont

  • Old Man Wonders, An by Chuck
    Location: Baltimore, Maryland Flag of Maryland

  • BloggingTips by Dan
    Free tips, advice, and articles to make you a more successful blogger.
    Location: Boston, Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts

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