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  • Benway Bunnies by Alana
    Explicit sex, unjustified violence, supernatural sleaze and ATARI video games: Benway Bunnies - making fiction sexier one week at a time.
    Location: Grampian, Scotland Flag of Scotland

  • ALD by ALD
    Location: Barquisimeto, Venezuela Flag of Venezuela

  • No Bowl of Cherries by Allison Martin
    The daily dose of my life, my views on politics, current events etc. I also talk a lot about my pregnancy and my new husband as well as how much school sucks.
    Location: Seattle, Washington (State) Flag of Washington (State)

  • I Kick Ass for the Lord by Amanda
    Personal site and blog of a 20-something wife and mother (who is a christian, republican, pro choice, pro death penalty and who uses foul language too often) living in a small town in West Virginia who loves photography, the paranormal, movies (especially horror movies), Monty Python, Ewan McGregor, The Beatles, music, cooking, retro things.
    Location: Spelter, West Virginia Flag of West Virginia

  • Domain Blog by American CyberSpace
    A Blog about Internet domain names and the domain name industry in general.
    Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Flag of Pennsylvania

  • Anatoly Lubarsky: Weblog by Anatoly Lubarsky
    professional weblog about development in, mssql, visual studio .net
    Location: Tel Aviv, Israel Flag of Israel

  • It Pays To Diet by Andre Hartman
    It all starts with a healthy mind and then flows down to your body. So if you want your body to be right you ought to check your thought process in order for the best success.
    Location: Elkins Park, Pennsylvania Flag of Pennsylvania

  • Ashton Cooper Hits Back by Ashton
    MMA, The Jubilee Project, Money Merge Account, U1st, United First Financial, Jubilee, Mortgage, Heloc
    Location: Salt Lake City, Utah Flag of Utah

  • Beauty Exists by Beauty Exists
    This blog is devoted to the simple notion that beauty exists and can uplift us. The idea is to provide a space to share ideas about beauty in order to improve our lives, a space to check in for a break and ponder the universe, a space for whimsy, a space for heartbreak, and especiallly a space for peaceful contemplation.
    Location: New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • My Views of New Zealand by bettyl
    The ramblings of a mad woman who was transported to a new country via the internet. This is the story of her journey outside her comfort zone in the US Midwest to a different country and culture that shouldn't be so different, but it is.
    Location: Stratford, New Zealand Flag of New Zealand

  • My World through my Camera Lens by bettyl
    The photos of a newcomer to New Zealand with the awe of a kid with a new toy
    Location: Stratford, New Zealand Flag of New Zealand

  • Left Coast Cowboys by Blue State Cowgirl
    Call it a major mid-life crisis. We've never owned a house with a yard, we can barely keep houseplants alive, but we're going back to the land. On 40 acres in Sonoma! Join us as we transition from city living to a forty acre spread with a vineyard, an organic garden, and eventually chickens, horses and goats. The process has just started, but can you say, "Green Acres"?
    Location: San Francisco & Sonoma, California Flag of California

  • Left Coast Cowboys by Blue State Cowgirl
    It's the new Green Acres! Follow the adventures of two City Kids moving back to the land: on 40 acres in Sonoma. With vineyards, an organic garden, fruit orchards, Mountain Lions, and soon horses, goats and chickens.
    Location: Sonoma, California Flag of California

  • Blushes and Shimmy Shakes! by Blushes
    Diary of a vintage loving gal as she tries her hand at a 'beginners burlesque' course!
    Location: England Flag of England

  • Bobby's World by Bobby
    Blog describing the life and times of Bobby Schroeder
    Location: New Orleans, Louisiana Flag of Louisiana

  • Kristina's Book Blog by Bookworm Kiki
    Reviews of the books I've been reading. These are my opinions and I welcome yours.
    Location: Alberta Flag of Alberta

  • Replika by Boris
    Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Federation of Flag of Russia, Federation of

  • Conservative Hawk, The by C-Hawk
    Blogging for Conservative Minded People
    Location: Chicago, Illinois Flag of Illinois

  • Textile Stockpile by Candice
    I am a quilter, dyer, weaver and general textile artist. I have a website where I have available quilts, pieced tote bags and purses, woven scarves, hand dyed fabric and yarns for sale, and also a gallery for items that were gifts or other items I can't part with. My blog details my adventures in textile arts with a major part of it being quilting. I am finishing up my last year of college and will have a degree in Fine Arts - Textiles.
    Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan Flag of Michigan

  • Falling Through Time by Carla
    A personal journal. I ramble and complain about whatever is on my mind at the time.
    Location: United States Flag of United States

  • by Chambross brown
    Sharing my thoughts with the people worldwide
    Location: Kedah, Malaysia Flag of Malaysia

  • Chris Herberte's Weblog by Chris
    This is my new weblog of ideas and articles about web design and graphic art. Enjoy.
    Location: Mackay, Australia Flag of Australia

  • Ciaran's Omnipurpose Blog by Ciaran Hanway
    Personal blogging Homepage. Features articles about Current affairs, Travel, Religion, Politics, History, East Germany, Berlin and a whole bunch of enlightening quotes!
    Location: London, England Flag of England

  • cmosblog by cmo
    james taylor, jimmy buffett, andy griffith, jeeps, vw vans, radio, etc.
    Location: Mooresville, North Carolina Flag of North Carolina

  • Art Of Noh, The by Costin Raiu
    A weblog about computer security, antivirus protection and malware protection by Costin Raiu, Kaspersky Labs.
    Location: Bucharest, Romania Flag of Romania

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