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  • Beauty Of A Blog Is To Have People Reading It, The by Adrian Ng
    fun, interesting, Malaysian style
    Location: Kuching, Malaysia Flag of Malaysia

  • North Staffordshire Railway by Aidan
    This blog contains information regarding the North Staffordshire Railway company. There will be posts about news and events plus other interesting articles and pictures appertaining to the North Staffordshire Railway company.
    Location: Upper Tean, Staffordshire, England Flag of England

  • Moonlight through the pines by Alex
    random rants, anything and everything. in short: me. love me, i'm flawed. it's the winter vegetable's forum. "To be nobody-but-yourself — in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else — means to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight; and never stop fighting." -- e.e. cummings
    Location: Texas Flag of Texas

  • aussiepatches by Ali J
    Come and enter the whimsical world of a modern day fashion illustrator.
    Location: Perth, Australia Flag of Australia

  • Brazilian Muse, The by Alizinha
    Obsessive ramblings about the Brazilian music scene in New York City and various other (semi-) related ephemera...
    Location: Brooklyn, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Omeletes sem Ovos by Ana
    Life of a Barmaid in Faro - Algarve - Portugal. Stories told, stories listened. The music we listen. The solitude of someone who cannot love.
    Location: Faro, Portugal Flag of Portugal

  • andre almeida - cartoonist by andre almeida
    A blog about graphic art: comics, humor, illustration, art, design, vector, photoshop, draw, cartoon
    Location: São Paulo, Brazil Flag of Brazil

  • coffeestoned by andy
    wildy normal blog from the mean streets of milwaukee. welcome to the life and mind of a coffee drinker.
    Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Flag of Wisconsin

  • Andy Kaufman's Hair by Andy Kaufman
    A naive man's opinions on hair; what works and what stains one's reputation forever.
    Location: Adelaide, Australia Flag of Australia

  • Bob and Da's fmx blog. by Bob and Dan
    A unique fmx blog with exclusive videos, cool pixs and great story. No fear, no pain, no brain.
    Location: Graz, Austria Flag of Austria

  • Zen of me, The by Bobby
    Random thoughts and writings of an aspiring sci-fi writer who happens to be a gay, Zen, atheist geek who's into politics and technology's affect on society (oh, and I live in Dallas, TX). And roleplaying (GURPS, Munchkin, etc.). And rock climbing. And... ok, I'm into lots of things!
    Location: Dallas, Texas Flag of Texas

  • Boringest :| - Moolah!!! by boringest
    A personal blog which talks about life, trading, tech and jokes.
    Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Flag of Malaysia

  • NEXT TARGET ENTROPY by brexmother
    multi lingual urban culture,humor,photos,recipes SCI-FI
    Location: Athens, Greece Flag of Greece

  • Through a Father's Eyes by Brian Dye
    Through a Father's Eyes is about the wonders, joys, and challenges that come with fatherhood. A dad from Gilbert, Arizona explores the great responsibility that is fatherhood by sharing insights, observations, and stories from the many adventures of his four sons.
    Location: Gilbert, Arizona Flag of Arizona

  • New Energy And Fuel by Brian Westenhaus
    Current Event and reviews of energy and fuel that effect your budget and investments
    Location: Omaha, Nebraska Flag of Nebraska

  • Miss FitsandStarts Goes to Nursing School by Bridget
    Chronicles the experiences, opinions and advocacy for nursing of a student at UCSF's School of Nursing in San Francisco, CA.
    Location: San Francisco, California Flag of California

  • My Life by Bridget Jones
    The life of a M.Tech. student in IITB. Studies, play, and much more...
    Location: Mumbai, India Flag of India

  • GreenStyle Magazine by Cameron
    GreenStyle Magazine is a lifestyle magazine covering fashion, beauty, home, and more for socially and environmentally conscious consumers.
    Location: Burlington, Vermont Flag of Vermont

  • Crazy About Deals by Celeste
    Coupons and freebies that you will go crazy for. Come and check us out.
    Location: Sacramento, California Flag of California

  • Chick Chosen by Chick
    I want to share with you my collection of interesting, odd or funny stuff I find on the the world wide webs. I'll also post reviews of books, movies, television and whatever else catches my fancy. If it's here then you can consider it Chick Chosen
    Location: Canada Flag of Canada

  • Tradejuice Day Trading Weblog by Chris
    The webs largest assortment of Day Trading Articles and Tutorials.
    Location: Ballito, South Africa Flag of South Africa

  • Wizard of Trading by Chris
    Financial Resource Guide for stock market tutorials, day trading systems including fibonacci, elliott wave, futures, options, commodities, and foreign exchange.
    Location: Ballito, South Africa Flag of South Africa

  • Newcastle Upon Tyne Daily Photo by Chris .H.
    A different picture of Newcastle upon Tyne(and surrounding area) every day.
    Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne., England Flag of England

  • Clarissa's Blog by Clarissa
    An academic's opinions on feminism, politics, literature, philosophy, teaching, academia, and a lot more.
    Location: Ithaca, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Clarissa's Blog by Clarissa
    An academic's opinions on feminism, politics, literature, philosophy, teaching, academia, and a lot more.
    Location: Ithaca, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

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