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  • 1000Faces by 1000Faces
    Location: São paulo, Brazil Flag of Brazil

  • Investor's Blog, The by AJ
    This blog contains my real life stock portfolio. Stock picks are posted within minutes of executing the trade. It also provide insights, advice, and discuss the current market conditions and issues affecting the market. The stock portfolio is based on two different trading mechanisms: IBD's CAN SLIM approach and technical analysis investing. The current stocks in my portfolio are easily beating the market. Please take a look and post your comments.
    Location: Hampton, Virginia Flag of Virginia

  • "SP/_IT" (yes, SP slash-underscore IT) by Alexis Killington
    Location: Calgary, Alberta Flag of Alberta

  • Fighter Fish by Allen
    This blog provides detailed information on fighter fish or popularly known as betta fish. You will find information from setting up a fish tank to breeding the betta fish.
    Location: Margao, India Flag of India

  • Amanda Authority by Amanda
    Book reviews/ comments/ recommendations in fiction, young adult fiction, sci/fi, fantasy, and children's fiction.
    Location: Salt Lake City, Various places Flag of Various places

  • Sweet As Aspie Pie by Amanda
    Writings of a 28 year old Aspie.
    Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida Flag of Florida

  • Curls of Sunshine by Amber Fry
    numerous links to free crochet,knitting,sewing and embroidery patterns
    Location: Western Sahara Flag of Western Sahara

  • Untangling Tales by Amy
    Enjoying Words ~ Observing Life
    Location: Fairbanks, Alaska Flag of Alaska

  • Anarchist World by anarchistbanjo
    Online rss community for free men and free women. Todays source for modern survivalism. Let freedom ring!
    Location: Brainerd, Minnesota Flag of Minnesota

  • Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure by anarchistbanjo
    Survivalism,time travel,romance and danger abound in this serial adventure reminiscent of radio theater. Updated every two or three days in a serial format. Have a serial with your breakfast!
    Location: Brainerd, Minnesota Flag of Minnesota

  • Anjul Sahu by Anjul Sahu
    This blog is all about my personal experiences in social and technical elements of my life. and this blog also aimed to provide useful information which might help u certainly... So please keep visiting my blog and share your thoughts on the same....
    Location: Indore, India Flag of India

  • Financial Blog Network by Anne Campbell
    Personal Finance,Advice,Tips,Tools,
    Location: Summerside, Canada Flag of Canada

  • Ark Animal Answers by Ark Lady
    Join the armchair adventure into the animal kingdom as the Ark Lady shares 30 years of professional insight into animal careers, animal behavior, animal training, and other pet topics and news.
    Location: Big Bear Lake, California Flag of California

  • Magia da Terra by Bardo
    Este blog não pretende falar da vida pessoal de ninguém nem nada parecido. Seu único objetivo é tratar da Magia, da Magia verdadeira de nosso mundo.
    Location: Brasilia, Brazil Flag of Brazil

  • Beth Loves Music by Beth
    A blog about music, movies, books, and the life of a music fanatic.
    Location: Cuyahoga, Ohio Flag of Ohio

  • Neuman Tank, The by Bruce Neuman
    Political and Social Comment and Other Musings
    Location: New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Diet Plans and Tips by Bruno Brown
    As a former horseracing jockey I provide the most valuable articles about diet plans and tips.
    Location: Brussels, Belgium Flag of Belgium

  • Carl Sampson - Online Poker Pro by Carl Sampson
    An interesting view of the online poker industry. Carl is an excellent writer on the topic of poker and sit and go strategies.
    Location: London, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Cece by Cece
    What to do when one is bored? Read and you may discover one girl's way of combating the tediums of daily life as a high schooler...
    Location: Troy, Michigan Flag of Michigan

  • CJ's Diary by Christopher
    Ramblings and thoughts of a guy with nothing better to do. Comments on current affairs, funny stuff, and anything interesting from my travels around the world.
    Location: Monmouth, Wales Flag of Wales

  • How I Live with Osteoarthritis by Clive
    My Life, My Left Hip, and Osteoarthritis
    Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Flag of British Columbia

  • Beninski's Benskivite World of V.I. Beninski, by Beninski by Comrade V. I. Beninski
    Quotations from the Brilliant Genius, V.I. Beninski, who if not for the premature demise of Marxism-Leninism-Beninskiism, would be dispensing social justice and unwinding internal contradictions as he would see fit.
    Location: Cardiff, Wales Flag of Wales

  • dont feed the monkeys! by Cryptic
    Monkey See and Monkey Do! The visual and mental rantings of a hungry monkey.
    Location: Queensland, Australia Flag of Australia

  • BlogNite by Dan
    Technical weblog
    Location: Maine Flag of Maine

  • Mental meanderings of an old man by Dave G
    A much needed guide for old farts (who still have it) about doing the wild thing past, present and future. With helpfull insight into the hurt and confusion that wasting 23 years on being married can bring.
    Location: Manchester, England Flag of England

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