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  • Ash Land by Alan Joyce
    Random essays and criticism.
    Location: United States Flag of United States

  • Gift Blog, The by Alex
    Blog about unique gifts for every holiday. World of gifts and gift baskets, unusual gift ideas.
    Location: Churchville, Pennsylvania Flag of Pennsylvania

  • All About Coaching and Mentoring by Alfredo
    all about coaching, mentoring, time managements, stress managements and more
    Location: Vila Real, Portugal Flag of Portugal

  • Milk Bar, The by Amanda
    New mom who has just moved to a very small town (Palembang) in a developing country (Indonesia) needs a place to stay in touch with the rest of the world. With nobody to talk to during the day, this blog is where she vents frustrations, raves about new excitements or just mumbles about everyday things to total strangers.
    Location: Palembang, Indonesia Flag of Indonesia

  • kosmopolit by Andreas
    politics and culture from a European perspective: Europe, European Union, Eastern Europe, International Politics etc.
    Location: Brussels, Belgium Flag of Belgium

  • Core, The by Andrew Randazzo
    This blog is my way of connecting with the outside world, and expressing my thoughts on life through a biblical perspective. I’m not into writing about really deep theological matters. On the contrary, I like to keep things simple and bring people back to the basics and main thing.
    Location: Knoxville, Tennessee Flag of Tennessee

  • My losing journey by Ashley
    A daily blog about a 27 year olds determination to lose 20-30 pounds.
    Location: San Bernardino, United States Flag of United States

  • Axiom Wolf by Axiom Wolf
    How did life begin and what happens after it ends? Axiom Wolf is a daily blog dedicated to answering questions about Spirituality, Religion, Aliens & UFO's, Quantum Physics, Philosophy, Consciousness and more. Interaction with the author is encouraged.
    Location: Detroit, Michigan Flag of Michigan

  • I am doing the best I can by balefulregards
    See Dawn Laugh! See Dawn Cry! See Dawn threaten her husband and child! See Dawn occasionally have a nervous breakdown and require more medication! Go, Dawn, Go!
    Location: New Hampshire Flag of New Hampshire

  • Archivo Insólito: Periodismo de Misterio by Belduque
    Periodismo de misterio. Artículos, noticias y reportajes sobre temas de misterio.
    Location: Monterrey, Mexico Flag of Mexico

  • Big McGee by Big McGee
    An educational blog. This is for individuals with a thirst for knowledge.
    Location: Chicago, Illinois Flag of Illinois

  • Debate Bill by Bill
    Editorial comments from Bill at Swimming Kangaroo Books.
    Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Flag of Texas

  • Sports Buffalo by Bob
    A sports blog dedicated to the Buffalo area sports like the Sabres, Bills, Bisons, Bandits, and more.
    Location: Elma, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • cruising through by bob francisco
    An outlet for the thoughts of bob; an early twenties, male, student nurse from Birmingham in the UK.
    Location: Birmingham, England Flag of England

  • Recuerdos del día de mañana by bonhamled
    Diario del pensamiento del naufrago "Recuerdos del día de mañana" desde la tierra utópica y cercana de Almadormida, donde vivo, leo y pienso sobre lo que veo por la ventana. Diary of the thought of the castaway "Tomorrow remembrances" in the utopic and near land of Almadormida, the place where i live, read and thing about what i see through my window.
    Location: Madrid, Spain Flag of Spain

  • My Wine Cellar by Brandon
    My Wine Cellar,By Brandon Marc. A friendly community for Wine Fanatics!
    Location: Cape Town, South Africa Flag of South Africa

  • Cecile's world by Cecile Dubois
    This is all about the media, and poetry, about newstories.
    Location: Los Angeles, California Flag of California

  • Just Call Me Charles by Charles
    The thoughts and life of a 30's something social worker in Chicago, full of questions and observations plus a bit of politics and a bit of spirituality.
    Location: Chicago, Illinois Flag of Illinois

  • ChildGrower Blog by ChildGrower
    ChildGrower Blog is about the responsibility that comes with parenting, a gentle slap in the face about the defining moments in a child's life. Child Grower blog shares inspirational moments, quotes and recipes with a bit of tender humor.
    Location: Midwest, Wisconsin Flag of Wisconsin

  • Cheapie Makeup Paradise, A by Chinelly
    Hi guys, I created this blog, and I will share with you about all the new finds, and cheap cosmetic products that works great. Hope you enjoy <3333
    Location: Bellevue, Washington (State) Flag of Washington (State)

  • Liberty March - Advocates Of Liberty by Chris
    Advocates of the libertarian ideals of free markets and self-government.
    Location: Provo, Utah Flag of Utah

  • Chris's Stuff by Chris Lindsay
    Updates on various things in my uninteresting life in Nova Scotia.
    Location: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Flag of Nova Scotia

  • by Coach Godwin
    Basketball Instructional Guru Coach Koran Godwin shares his knowledge and passion for the game of basketball. His company distributes basketball instructional videos "On Demand" and via DVD Check out his latest Post!!!
    Location: Jacksonville, Florida Flag of Florida

  • Contrarian Thoughts by Contrarian Investor
    An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest - Benjamin Franklin If reading books was all there to the game, librarians would have been the richest people around - borrowed (literally) from a Warren Buffet quote Sounds contradictory – Welcome to Contrarian Thoughts!
    Location: India Flag of India

  • Penny Pan, A by Cristy
    Housewifery tips and insights into this most excellent vocation.
    Location: Simi Valley, California Flag of California

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