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  • Truth by 1Life
    An otherwise insignificant teenager can sometimes have a hundred swirling worlds inside him, shocking realizations about life, dreams and death, and a few impossible beliefs that get him through everyday. The blog that tells the stories of the INNER universe.
    Location: Kolkata, India Flag of India

  • Capital Snapshots by Al
    Author's own black and white photographs of Canberra Australia, including parks, Lake Burley Griffin, etc.
    Location: Brisbane, Australia Flag of Australia

  • Cartoon of the day by Al
    Cartoons, jokes and humorous poetry about travelling through the Australian outback.
    Location: Brisbane, Australia Flag of Australia

  • My New Zealand Campervan Vacation by Al
    Original cartoons and text illustrate the author's travels around New Zealand in a hired campervan.
    Location: Brisbane, Australia Flag of Australia

  • Travel tips and cartoons by Al
    Original cartoons illustrate the author's travels through USA, England, Australia, Pacific Islands and the amusing situations that arose. Travel tips, advice, are also included.
    Location: Brisbane, Australia Flag of Australia

  • Alpingos by Alpingos
    Smart way of life
    Location: Istanbul, Turkey Flag of Turkey

  • Awkward Things My Mother Never Taught Me by Amber Sunshine
    Discusses the awkward experiences of adolesence that our mothers didn't prepare us for.
    Location: Austin, Texas Flag of Texas

  • NRI News by Amitabh
    Latest Information, News, Updates for Non Resident Indians Living Abroad
    Location: New Delhi, India Flag of India

  • A-List Magazine, The by Ann
    Covering Urban film, TV and interactive
    Location: Los Angeles, California Flag of California

  • Say a Prayer by Ann
    The events from beginning to end of my husbands strokes. Plus, blogging just to be blogging.
    Location: Columbus, United States Misc. Caribbean Islands Flag of United States Misc. Caribbean Islands

  • Anna's Blog o' Doom by Anna Letha
    4 bloggers from 4 generations! Humor, Satire, More Humor, Personal Moments and Thoughts spanning a whole range of perspectives.
    Location: Louisiana Flag of Louisiana

  • Life Afterwards by Anne
    A entertaining blog about life after college.
    Location: Poway, California Flag of California

  • Mobile Games & Gaming Blog by Ashu Mathura
    video games for mobile phones, mobile games
    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands Flag of Netherlands

  • Ashwin's Blog by Ashwin
    Softwares, Security , Antivirus, Spyware remover, Firewall, Tech support,
    Location: Chennai, India Flag of India

  • colui che dubita by attilaV
    international news politics and literature
    Location: Italy Flag of Italy

  • DommEsticity by Aurora
    The life and times of a not-so-stable 20-something housewife with something to say about everything.
    Location: Upstate, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • columns by Ben
    Everyday new columns
    Location: Leuven, Belgium Flag of Belgium

  • Delusions of Caucasian Grandeur by Ben
    LIfe's rather black and white. Except for me. I'm rather white.
    Location: Dayton, Ohio Flag of Ohio

  • Beth Kelly's Deadjournal by BK
    Thinking outside the box I live within
    Location: Honeoye Falls, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • - I.T. worth reading by Bookblog publishes press releases, author interviews, book reviews, etc. of newly released or soon-to-be released I.T. books.
    Location: Indianapolis, Indiana Flag of Indiana

  • Confessions of a Boy Toy by Boy Toy
    Making the Internet intimate again, one morning after at a time.
    Location: New York, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Acid Reflux: the life & times of a poz guy by Brian
    A guy just trying to put the fun back into AIDS and other unholy pursuits of life.
    Location: Toronto, Ontario Flag of Ontario

  • Baby Week By Week by Brittany Thomas
    Your baby week by week: your baby development week by week, the ultimate guide to caring for your new baby
    Location: Atlanta, Georgia Flag of Georgia

  • Dog House Newz by Candy Froggie
    When an Australian, an American, a German, an English and two Frenchies re-create the world, here is what it looks like! Welcome to our planet :-)
    Location: Paris, France Flag of France

  • Between the Coasts by Carl
    Politics Philosophy Music Racecars {#88!) Anti-Money Laundering Fraud Prevention A slight amount of monkey business And Maybe A Little Poetry Overall, Pro-U.S.
    Location: Overland Park, Kansas Flag of Kansas

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