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  • - when it makes no cents by Admin
    This site is an amalgamation of online journalism, the prevalent en phenomena, wide ranging visitor interactivity and in general, entertaining content.
    Location: Auckland, New Zealand Flag of New Zealand

  • Pãrerea mea! by Alex
    Just my daily crap. Might be interesting for those who speak Romanian
    Location: Romania Flag of Romania

  • Undergraduate Economics by Alex
    This is a blog dedicated to Economics.
    Location: Kerala, India Flag of India

  • Mothers Have Needs Too by Allison
    Mothers work is 24/7 unpaid labor. Allison Gilbert, LMFT, licensed psychotherapist, offers free tips to support mothers.
    Location: Santa Cruz, California Flag of California

  • Alphieisms by Alphonso
    Opinions of current events/Poetry/ Humor/Tributes/personal journal.
    Location: Syracuse, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Life by Candlelight by amalaise
    Thoughts and anecdotes from the life of an anthropologist moonlighting as a circulation clrk
    Location: Denver, Colorado Flag of Colorado

  • Anchiano by Anchiano
    Site about animation 3D, cinema, ilustration, books, theatre and all type of arts.
    Location: Madrid, Spain Flag of Spain

  • Andrew At Sea by Andrew Gibson
    My travels around South America on a cruise ship. Lots of photography.
    Location: Salta, Argentina Flag of Argentina

  • Beautiful Argentina by Andrew Gibson
    A blog about the beautiful country of Argentina. Lots of photography and interesting stories.
    Location: Salta, Argentina Flag of Argentina

  • Demandez L'Ange by Angel
    Most personal blogs can be kind of boring, right? Someone elses life isn't always the most exciting thing to read about. That is what makes Demandez L'Ange so different! I don't just write about my life. I write about happenings in the news, trivia questions or random facts, with a few personal opinions thrown in. A pot luck of topics can be found here. A little bit of everything.
    Location: Coldwater, Michigan Flag of Michigan

  • Ask Angel Advice Column by Angela Shupe
    In need of advice? Surf over to Ask Angel and submit your question today. I answer all questions and post atleast one answered question a day!
    Location: Coldwater, Michigan Flag of Michigan

  • Little Bit of It All, A by Anna Dutra
    Do cinema a Tv passando pelas celebridades que fazem essa industria funcionar e tudo o que elas tem e que voce quer ter. De musica boa a o que esta na moda. Um pouquinho de tudo para todos os gostos
    Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Flag of Brazil

  • Anne Douglas Erotic Romance Author by Anne Douglas
    Website of Erotic Romance author Anne Douglas
    Location: Jacksonville, Florida Flag of Florida

  • In My Imagination - Anne Douglas, Erotic Romance Author by Anne Douglas
    Rants, raves, sexy excerpts and horrible snags from published Erotic Romance author Anne Douglas
    Location: Jacksonville, Florida Flag of Florida

  • My Alcoholism by Arc
    Stories chronicling My Alcoholism since my sobriety, fighting the urge to drink again and staying on the right path towards an alcoholics recovery.
    Location: New York, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Ardanwen'z world by Ardanwen
    Enter the crazy world of a kinky 30's gay with lots of black leather and rubber, red hankies and white stuff (non-censored)
    Location: Belgium Flag of Belgium

  • Bennys Talk by Benny
    Benny on business and finance.
    Location: Guinea-Bissau Flag of Guinea-Bissau

  • Eagle's Nest, The by Brigid Walsh
    The Eagle's Nest is predominantly a blog of social, religious, and political criticism into which a bit of other stuff intrudes from time to time. For those of Judaeo-Christian bent, you will note that it aims to keep a prophetic voice alive and well in the land.
    Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Flag of Australia

  • Thirty Something Years by C.F. York
    The musings and ramblings of a thirty something struggling writer. Expect a good measure of cynicism and a jaded viewpoint of life, the universe and everything else.
    Location: United States Flag of United States

  • Bad Music and Serial Killers by Calistan
    Everyone listens to bad music. The airwaves do not belong to us. No one sees this dispossable culture for what it is. Our President is the Great Satan. History is written by the winners and the losers are written out. Secretly we all want to be serial killers. I don't have the cure. There is nothing interesting for you to read here.
    Location: Hartford, Connecticut Flag of Connecticut

  • Angry BLT by Carrot
    My dreams.
    Location: Washington, District of Columbia Flag of District of Columbia

  • lewsnews. by champ
    the musings of a retired male. Informative about Prince Edward Island, Canada. Humuroys and enjoyable reading.
    Location: Summerside, Prince Edward Island Flag of Prince Edward Island

  • Chetan's Blog by Chetan Gole
    Chetan Gole writes about internet, technology, life, blogging, etc
    Location: Nagpur, India Flag of India

  • Almo's World by Chris
    Weblog and photo journal chronicling life in Durham, North East England
    Location: Durham, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Movie Smash by Chris
    A Movie review site from the land of sheep and Maori's
    Location: Auckland, New Zealand Flag of New Zealand

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