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  • Blood and Milk: A Central Asia Health Blog by Alanna Shaikh
    Interesting links on health and Central Asia.
    Location: Ashgabat, Turkmenistan Flag of Turkmenistan

  • Daily life blog by Amy
    Location: Various places Flag of Various places

  • Million Dollar Dream, The by Anders
    I was a slacker at school, and ended up as a taxi driver. Now I work my way up to become a millionare, and blog about my failures and my successes.
    Location: Bergen, Norway Flag of Norway

  • Book Nut's Reviews, The by Andy
    This is where I review the books I read and listen to. I don't claim to be a literary authority, I just enjoy writing about books! I love to get your opinions on my reviews, good or bad. Thanks for visiting.
    Location: Millersburg, Ohio Flag of Ohio

  • Daddy Blog by Angela Pedersen, R.N.
    Information and help source for non-custodial parents, step-parents and grandparents.
    Location: Lansing, Michigan Flag of Michigan

  • annelaure by anne laure
    what it's like to survive when you are me.
    Location: Toulouse, France Flag of France

  • mtheory by Arun
    it's about my likes ,dislikes and just about everything
    Location: Bangalore, India Flag of India

  • Ashley In Wonderland by Ashley
    A look at the ups and downs of parenting family of 5 ranging in age from teens to tots, including a child with autism. Life is never dull here. Come take a walk on the wild side.
    Location: Tallahassee, Florida Flag of Florida

  • Americans Deserve The Truth by B. Muse
    Searching out the lies and liars in politics. Typically left leaning, but out Dems when I find them.
    Location: Charlotte, North Carolina Flag of North Carolina

  • Detritus Ex Machina by Barrie
    Location: Sacramento, California Flag of California

  • Barrys Web Design Blog News by Barry Mitchell
    I am a web designer from the UK. My blog lets people know what Im up to just now and what projects i have on the go.
    Location: Dundee, Scotland Flag of Scotland

  • El Recreo de Bea Creo by Bea
    Spanish blog about cultural and personal things. I talk about music, cinema, books and interesting websites. I make an interesting mix of translated news i get from sites as
    Location: Dublin, Ireland Flag of Ireland

  • Blesser's Blog by Blesser
    My personal blog.I don't want to define what kind of blog it is.So just take a glance.(In Tradition Chinese)
    Location: Taipei, China, Republic of (Taiwan) Flag of China, Republic of (Taiwan)

  • deadcabdriver by britt
    Keep and Open Mind Son
    Location: California Flag of California

  • buddhabox by buddha,hippy dead,joey
    three bloger works on build
    Location: Various places Flag of Various places

  • Børge Forteller Om Livet by Børge
    Jeg er en gutt fra Norge som skriver om det som faller meg inn.. :)
    Location: Norway Flag of Norway

  • Ex-Jehovah's Witness and Gay by Caroline
    For anyone that has been disfellowshipped from the Jehovah's Witness religion or anyone that is a current JW and struggling with their sexuality
    Location: Kansas City, Missouri Flag of Missouri

  • Cre8tive Kitchen by Cre8tive Kitchen
    Free recipes and cooking tips including recipes for main dishes, holiday meals, desserts, appetizers, and a whole lot more! Subscribe to my feed to have my posts in your email box.
    Location: Olympia, Washington (State) Flag of Washington (State)

  • Buffalo's Neglected Architectural Heritage by David
    The Woodlawn Row Houses were designated a "local-landmark" by the Preservation Board in 1981. This property has been owned by the City of Buffalo since July 2002. Please read the posts, and sign "The Petion to Save the Woodlawn Row Houses" I will regularly post up-dates and information I think is helpful for the long term preservation of this building and the surrounding neighborhood. This is an "open" blog. Comments are encouraged!
    Location: Buffalo, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • David Norris' E-tale by David
    This blog is mostly focussed on my thoughts concerning management, ecommerce, online innovation and other related topics.
    Location: London, England Flag of England

  • My Journey To Fabulous by Dee
    College graduate and Stay-at-home mommy of four. Originally from New Orleans, La. but now residing in Minnesota. We have no family up here, so a girl keeps as busy as possible. Not too much effort is required with four kids. This is my journey to fabulous and putting myself first for once:)Turning 30 in May '09 (*gasp*)!
    Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota Flag of Minnesota

  • Stealing Heaven From The Lips Of God by Dee Rimbaud
    Writer & Artist, Dee Rimbaud reflects upon politics, religion, art, poetry, the meaning of life, the nature of God and why toast always lands butter side down on carpets.
    Location: Glasgow, Scotland Flag of Scotland

  • Stealing Heaven From The Lips Of God by Dee Rimbaud
    The heart-stopping, gut-wrenching, spleen-venting of iconoclastic, drug-mangled, deranged, lunatic-visionary Scottish author: Dee Rimbaud (not for the consumption of sensitive souls, especially those of right-wing ideology)
    Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Delicious Dot Net by deliciousdotnet
    A blog which serves developers needs through Simple Examples and tutorials., A place where you can also find some tips and tricks
    Location: AP, India Flag of India

  • Meet the real Dr. Fil by Dr. Fil
    Downright stupid advice on downright stupid questions - all by the legendary Dr. Fil McGrawp, PhD.
    Location: Manila, Philippines Flag of Philippines

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