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  • Lantern Torch: Creative Illumination by Adib
    Personal blog discussing life, Islam, religions, politics, philosophy, family, and writing. Oh yeah, and cute baby pictures.
    Location: Indianapolis, Indiana Flag of Indiana

  • CrazyLeaf Design Blog by Alex
    CrazyLeaf fun zone where anybody can find jokes, funny pictures, videos, posts about cars, movies and music . In addition you are always up-to-date with the latest news in design & graphics.
    Location: Berlin, Germany Flag of Germany

  • Bite of...., A by Alex K
    A Collection of my own articles and snippets of interest. Mainly IT, Tech, DIY...
    Location: Barcelona, Spain Flag of Spain

  • All About Me by allaboutme
    My blog is the gossip about all my friends, usually more exciting than my life. Also all what I get up to.
    Location: Plymouth, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Link Building Blog by Andy
    Andy Hagans and Patrick Gavin on link marketing.
    Location: Columbus, Ohio Flag of Ohio

  • Anonymous Teen Ramblings by anon408
    Random posts including an electronic track each week
    Location: Washington,, District of Columbia Flag of District of Columbia

  • I Should Not Be Telling You This! by Anonimo.Pascual
    I have marital problems, this is where I discuss them.
    Location: Withheld, North Carolina Flag of North Carolina

  • Economics Blog by Anonymous Economist
    Commentary on the economy, commodities and any exogenous events that deserve an economic angle to its analysis
    Location: London, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Always Travelling by Antino Robert
    A mate is heading off soon to Prague to do a study abroad semester at Charles University (the oldest in Europe). This was one area of town which did not escape the reaches of our ghost tour in Prague.
    Location: London, Arizona Flag of Arizona

  • Blog di Antonio Cracas by Antonio Cracas
    Antonio Cracas, autore del romanzo Raishja. Nel suo sito si parla di: attualità, società, costume, politica, letteratura, curiosità ed altro.
    Location: Torino, Italy Flag of Italy

  • Arabilluminist’s Blog by Arabilluminist
    A blog of alternative news, life, politics, personal, and everything controversial.
    Location: New York, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Aranamuss! Book reviews, atheism, science, and skepticism! by Aranamuss
    A collection of book reviews, atheist rants, philosophical musings, news commentary, and more!
    Location: Toronto, Ontario Flag of Ontario

  • My Beaver Blog by BeaverJoe
    OSU Beaver football, other sports commentary, random observations/frustrations
    Location: Salem, Oregon Flag of Oregon

  • Sem cinto?... Sinto muito. by Bébé Confort Coimbra
    Concessionário Bébé Confort na Região Centro com uma vasta gama de produtos: cadeiras de segurança automóvel, carrinhos de passeio Bébé Confort, Maxi-Cosi e Quinny, artigos de segurança Safety First, “puericultura” leve, vestuário de bebé e pré-mamã, brinquedos e mobiliário.
    Location: COIMBRA, Portugal Flag of Portugal

  • Parents Internet Guide - Parental Controls by Becca
    A Parent's Guide to the Internet and it's Dangers to Children, and Parental Controls software information.
    Location: Saint Petersburg, Florida Flag of Florida

  • Famous Only by Bella
    Hottest celebrity gossip delivered in a fun and unique way
    Location: Montreal, Québec (Province) Flag of Québec (Province)

  • Benguins' Wordizzle of the Dizzle by Bengwin
    Bloggy Blog Blog McBloginson
    Location: United States Flag of United States

  • Truth Particles by Billie
    A novelist's viewpoint of the truth. Tired of being lied to? Come on over, darling.
    Location: Texas Flag of Texas

  • Billy's Corner by billy
    Gadgets, New Technologies, Latest Issues, Computers, Internet, Digital camera, cars
    Location: Melaka, Malaysia Flag of Malaysia

  • Boots Draws (Art and Design Blog) by Boots
    Art and design by "Boots." Full of tips, tricks, tutorials, templates. And really neat art.
    Location: Williamsport, Pennsylvania Flag of Pennsylvania

  • Intense Cogitation by Brian
    An in-depth blog with detailed posts on the International Baccalaureate, politics, current events, coding and computer tips
    Location: Nofolk, United States Flag of United States

  • Money Blogs, The by Brice
    All about money.
    Location: California Flag of California

  • Journal of a Starving Artist, The by Britt
    a day in the life of an out-of-work actor. well...ok, i DO have a crappy part time job.
    Location: Pekin, Illinois Flag of Illinois

  • Indian Delicacy by businessmaster
    It's an attempt to make world a global village in true sense. It knows no bounds. Great articles and links. Invite you all to read them and post your valuable suggestions
    Location: India Flag of India

  • CA's privater Blog by ca
    I'm the best. Ich bin der beste.
    Location: West-Germany, Germany Flag of Germany

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