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  • Tattoo Aco by Aco
    Tattoo Aco Blog
    Location: Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Wrestling Project, The by Adam Sibley
    The Wrestling Project is a blog dedicated to discussing the weekly TV shows and monthly PPV's of World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Nonstop Action.
    Location: United States Misc. Caribbean Islands Flag of United States Misc. Caribbean Islands

  • Light Is Green, The by Al McClymont
    Useful business and marketing ideas for automotive dealers and manufacturers, culled from what is (and isn't) working around the world.
    Location: Rosario, Argentina Flag of Argentina

  • View From the Waterfront, A by Alan Sorum
    Information of interest in boating safety, harbor management, rural development and unique aspects of Alaskan life. Links to writers, blogs and thoughtful sites. Boating is a way of life here in coastal Alaska. A person can never have too many boats.
    Location: Anchorage, Alaska Flag of Alaska

  • Duplex Living made Easy by Amanda
    A single girl's take on life in the midwest duplex.
    Location: Lincoln, Nebraska Flag of Nebraska

  • Chef's Widow by Amelia
    Amusing Tales of a Chef's Wife
    Location: Cleveland, Ohio Flag of Ohio

  • Famousa Ignoramus by Amelia
    An open letter written to all the ignoramus (ig-nuh-RAY-mus, noun: An ignorant person; a celebrity)who keeps us enamored by their fascinating lives in Hollywood.
    Location: Cleveland, Oman Flag of Oman

  • Freedom by Amit
    A personal page.
    Location: Delhi, India Flag of India

  • Portuguese TIps by Ananda
    Tips for learners of Portuguese by a Brazilian linguist and teacher
    Location: New York, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Busto Blog by Andreas
    Busto is an independent design agency based in copenhagen. We trust our brains and we believe in doing right by sometimes doing wrong. We design stuff! And then we blog a little ...
    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Flag of Denmark

  • Angela's Soliloquy by Angela Norton
    A glimmer into the life and thoughts of an Army wife, full time student, crafty chick, want-to-be writer, volunteer extraordinaire and self proclaimed life enthusiast! My passions are many and they’re found here!
    Location: Wahiawa, Hawaii Flag of Hawaii

  • Anne Kerry Ford ( singer) muses and rants by anne Kerry Ford
    Anne Kerry Ford creates an interesting blog that shares stories and musings from her life as a singer and recording artist (with occasional political rants), includes poetry (from famous poets), truly fun humour, and much more.
    Location: Los Angeles, California Flag of California

  • Appon's Thai Food Recipes by Appon Khiewchanta
    Recipes from my native Thailand, noodle dishes, rice dishes and plenty of 'kanom' - dessert!
    Location: Udon Thani, Thailand Flag of Thailand

  • Pass First by Bill Ferrara
    Scouting the NBA Draft and using statistics to look at the NBA in a different way.
    Location: Gainesville, Florida Flag of Florida

  • BitBox Studio by BitBox
    The BitBox Studio blog was started to benefit visitors with information about web design, graphics, search engine optimization, CMS software like Joomla, Wordpress, and Pixelpost, and any other computer related issues. This blog's purpose is to give out information for free just like i received it from colleagues and the open forum that is the internet. I'm all about giving what knowledge i can, even if it means simply pointing you in the right direction.
    Location: New York City, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • California Dottie by California Dottie
    Reflections on the art of being a modern grandparent.
    Location: San Diego, California Flag of California

  • Dominate AGLOCO by Carl
    Dominate AGLOCO is your definitive resource on referral tips, techniques, and tactics to increase your downline and expand your AGLOCO network.
    Location: Melbourne, Australia Flag of Australia

  • Cyprus Tales by Chad
    Cyprus Tales - Cyprus Life
    Location: Nicosia, Cyprus Flag of Cyprus

  • chelsea alexandra's journal by chelsea alexandra
    updated daily with drama, photos, and life of a teenager in new york city
    Location: New York City, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Firefighters Blog by chris
    General real life reading
    Location: Dublin, Ireland Flag of Ireland

  • Day to Day Vegan by Christi
    Vegan news and information
    Location: Ohio Flag of Ohio

  • Generally Healthy by Cleta
    Offering information regarding health to choose a healthier lifestyle
    Location: Houston, Texas Flag of Texas

  • USMCCowboy by Cowboy
    Location: San Diego, United States Misc. Pacific Islands Flag of United States Misc. Pacific Islands

  • BE² by Daan
    Reinventing wheels on a semi-daily basis.
    Location: Antwerp, Belgium Flag of Belgium

  • Daddy Rand's Home for Boys by Daddy Rand
    I've created this weblog because there are a lot of boys that want to know me better and this is a means whereby that can happen. I will be posting some thoughts I have about various things and some information about me and my world. This is a private blog and I will be pointing selected boys here and encouraging them to communicate with me. I hope you will find this space to be enjoyable and useful. Daddy Rand
    Location: Washington (State) Flag of Washington (State)

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