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  • LICHT - KLICK by Abdallah
    Mainly a photoblog, but also a view into my daily life...
    Location: Braunau, Austria Flag of Austria

  • Novel Inspiration by Abdur Rafay
    This is a personal blog of a petroleum engineer in which he discusses the latest news, advancements and issues ralated to the oil and gas industry.
    Location: Karachi, Pakistan Flag of Pakistan

  • intertubes, The by amosquito
    Articles for the easily amused nerd
    Location: Hudson Valley, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Ana's Lair by Ana Aman
    Contains articles, poems, thoughts about various subjects
    Location: Koln, Germany Flag of Germany

  • Mãedrasta, Stepmother by Ana Luísa
    Um blog para falar sobre o facto de ter um enteado e ser madrasta...
    Location: Lisbon, Portugal Flag of Portugal

  • Blogipity by Andrew Stevens
    Ramblings and miscellaneous links concerning Internet technology, photography, and random personal stuff.
    Location: Bloomington, Indiana Flag of Indiana

  • Andy hmmm by Andy
    I am a 22 year old, positive, hopefully immortal, English male. Because of the small chance I may not live forever, I must try and live a full life and do everything I've wanted to do, which is where my 100 Things To Do list comes in.
    Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Annabel Moorman's Worldview by Annabel Moorman
    This blog is a journal of ideas about progressive politics, human ecology, capitalism, the results of the industrial revolution, and various other philosophical concerns.
    Location: Santa Rosa, California Flag of California

  • Annabel Moorman's Worldview by Annabel Moorman
    A collecton of musings on human ecology, philosophy, progressive politics, peak oil, re-localization,the anti-corporate resistance, and the human condition.
    Location: Sonoma County, California Flag of California

  • All about Naruto Uzumaki by Azi
    Everything related to Naruto Manga, Naruto Anime, Naruto Games and Naruto Products.
    Location: Ontario, Canada Flag of Canada

  • If It Outlasts Milk by Bailey
    Humorous stories of misadventure and my crazy family with cute pictures.
    Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas Flag of Arkansas

  • Once Upon A Puzzle - It's More Fun When It's Personal by Beth
    Come with us on our journey to open a 21st century e-commerce site. We started as a commercial printer in 1927 and have decided to get with the times and go digital. We have come up with a line of customized children's jigsaw story puzzles that have been getting GREAT reviews. Now to start thinking like it's 2011... It's been challenging, it's been frustrating but it's NEVER been boring! It's More Fun When It's Personal!
    Location: Hillsborough, New Jersey Flag of New Jersey

  • Bev's Crazy World by Beverly Casey
    my strange life.
    Location: Pennsauken, New Jersey Flag of New Jersey

  • Military Memories by Bill
    A great web blog for anyone interested in scrapbooking, digital photography, and many more terrific topics.
    Location: Indianapolis, Indiana Flag of Indiana

  • Renas & Veados by Boss
    uma perspectiva gay da realidade
    Location: Porto, Portugal Flag of Portugal

  • Bratty! by Bratinella
    Location: Metro Manila, Philippines Flag of Philippines

  • BuenavistaVCuba by BuenavistaVCuba
    El Blog de Buenavista Un espacio en la Red que toma como referencia un poblado desconocido para hablar de temas variados que traten de la grandeza de la gente sencilla, de esos que viven en perenne humildad
    Location: Texas Flag of Texas

  • My Place by byclosser
    a fairly bland description for a fairly bland blog
    Location: Gainesville, Florida Flag of Florida

  • blog about the coolest guy you know by carwax
    i'm a busy guy...i did a reality show, composed music for a film, wrote numerous screenplays, know celebrites, massage beautiful women and traveled the world working as a massage therapist on cruise all about it!
    Location: No place, unknown, or undetermined Flag of No place, unknown, or undetermined

  • My War: Killing Time In Iraq by CBFTW
    "A site often credited with jump-starting the “MilBlog revolution.” -Army Times
    Location: Los Angeles, California Flag of California

  • Celtic-One by celtic-one
    Rants and raves and general hogwash about the daily life of a working mother of four.
    Location: Birmingham, Alabama Flag of Alabama

  • Chocolate com vinho by Chocolate com vinho
    In my blog I talk about things I like: makeup, fashion, trivia, health ... If you like to discuss controversial issues, my blog is your place.
    Location: Brasília, Brazil Flag of Brazil

  • Chuck's Occasional Rants by Chuck
    This is a blog dedicated to the author's opinion on anything that catches his attention. It contains primarily entries on US politics (mostly anti-Bush), and the occasional entry on football or personal goings-on.
    Location: Pennsylvania Flag of Pennsylvania

  • Cinebanter by Cinebanter
    Official blog of the Cinebanter podcast. Featuring in-depth movie reviews and special segments such as The Last Five and What Went Wrong at the Theater. Hosted by Michaelvox in San Jose and Tassoula in Seattle, you'll have as much fun listening to this podcast as you do at the theater.
    Location: San Jose and Seattle, United States Flag of United States

  • Entertainment Dish by CME73
    Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment news
    Location: St. Louis, Missouri Flag of Missouri

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