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  • Oro: 'Gbenga Sesan Lets Out The Words by 'Gbenga Sesan
    'Gbenga Sesan Lets Out The Words. Personal musings of a Nigerian-born, world-travelling young ICT enthusiats
    Location: Lagos, Nigeria Flag of Nigeria

  • friendreau-- personal website of adam gendreau by Adam Gendreau
    I love cooking. I love drinking.
    Location: Boston, Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts

  • Tales of a new Father by Aiden's Dad
    The new dad of a 3 month old baby boy shares stories including tips, tricks, trials, and hopefully successes so that we can all be better parents.
    Location: Nashville, Tennessee Flag of Tennessee

  • American Daughter Media Center by American Daughter
    Twenty individual WordPress weblogs are combined to form sections of an online news magazine featuring multimedia reporting and commentary across a broad range of cultural literacy. Formats include prose. pictures, graphics, slide shows, audio tracks, and video clips.
    Location: Arlington, Virginia Flag of Virginia

  • Angry Joe's Nest of Hell by Angry Joe
    As an affiliate with, Angry Joe is determined on communicating his feelings on certain subjects. More specifically, only certain subjects that make him angry.
    Location: Three Oaks, Michigan Flag of Michigan

  • For the Long Run by Ann
    A diary of an American transplanted in Ireland, searching for a job, a book contract and a normal, decent cup of coffee.
    Location: Dublin, Ireland Flag of Ireland

  • Once Upon a Time... by April
    Funny adventures of a young wife and mother who recently relocated from San Diego, CA to South Carolina.
    Location: Charleston Area, South Carolina Flag of South Carolina

  • Mostly on Israel by Aryeh Amihay
    Israeli politics from a different perspective...
    Location: Princeton, New Jersey Flag of New Jersey

  • cywong [d07c0m] by astrosurge
    C.Y's domain & netmoir dedicated to blogging, photo archiving & rants of personalised mundane matters that might be lame for some & nauseatic to others.
    Location: Malaysia Flag of Malaysia

  • não compreendo as mulheres by Bagaço Amarelo
    tudo sobre o clube dos divorciados, do qual sou o único membro activo, ou como ser um livro aberto ao mundo, ou ainda foda-se, eu sei que um dia me vou arrepender de ter criado este blog
    Location: Aveiro, Portugal Flag of Portugal

  • Eye to IT by Barry
    Covering issues of IT governance, business IT alignment, IT budgets and capital expenditures, packaged application, custom development, and outsourcing.
    Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota Flag of Minnesota

  • Buckshe-humor by Ben Bartell
    Buckshe-humor. Great humor from tame to raunchy.
    Location: Huron, South Dakota Flag of South Dakota

  • BuiltEnvironment by Bernie Siben
    Random thoughts about marketing for the built environment (A/E/C/Env. community) from a 25-year veteran.
    Location: Dallas, Texas Flag of Texas

  • Blagman by Blagman
    The Review Anything Website. - We blag products, and then give our full verdict. Learn about a new product every weekday.
    Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Bouletor on the floor! by Bouletor
    Un blog qu'il est bien pour les boulets. Viendez tous!
    Location: Toulouse, France Flag of France

  • brandonblog by brandon
    Christian blog, Photography and Art Stuff, Personal reflections and musings
    Location: Sydney, Australia Flag of Australia

  • Blawg IT by Brett Trout
    Ongoing discussion of legal aspects of the online world. Blawg IT analyzes the very latest patent, copyright, trademark and licensing issues that affect you and your company. Blogging since 2003, Brett Trout is a registered patent attorney and author of the book Internet Laws Affecting Your Company.
    Location: Des Moines, Iowa Flag of Iowa

  • One Veteran's Voice by brian
    A veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom on life in contemporary America.
    Location: Columbia, Missouri Flag of Missouri

  • Brian Hamilton by Brian Hamilton
    All the Brian Hamilton you could ever want.
    Location: Anderson, South Carolina Flag of South Carolina

  • Cami by Camila
    Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Flag of Brazil

  • American Scene, The by CaptainRon
    It's all about American political, social, government, Iraq War, Radical Islamists issues and the war on terrorists.
    Location: Florida Flag of Florida

  • Where the Hell Was I? by Charlie
    Nothing but honest, heartfelt commentary on random events, many of which never actually happened. Plus some other stuff.
    Location: Watertown, Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts

  • Dial 'M' for Moron by Charlie Hatton
    A regular dose of humour articles, comedy, obtuse observations, dubious advice, and general tomfoolery -- for morons, about morons, and by a moron.
    Location: Watertown, Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts

  • Chester's Blog by Chester
    Personal blog for various subjects
    Location: Athens, Greece Flag of Greece

  • NL_Future: My relocation to the Netherlands by Chris
    Planning and implementation of my move to the Netherlands. Also includes my spin on today's politics, economy, and technology with a focus on developments in Europe.
    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands Flag of Netherlands

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