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  • ExtremeSecurity - Do't Securely or Not At All by Aa'ed Alqarta
    Everything about malwares, intrusion detection, web security, botnets, and alot of topics.
    Location: Kuwait Flag of Kuwait

  • Dramaddict by Admin
    Crave attention? Love drama? Just can’t get enough shopping? is your personal guide to the newest and hottest trends in fashion, beauty, gadgets, style and much more. Open 24-7 and updated daily, is the Ultimate Guide for women who love to shop and discover the truly unique. Featuring the latest, comprehensive Shopping Directory, is your one-stop shop for all things shopping.
    Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Flag of British Columbia

  • Big cheese, Aimee Friedland, The by Aimee Friedland
    I am the international woman of mystery ;-) My blog documents my exploits and sexual ventures - Aimee
    Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • intense belongingness of writings, the by Aimee Friedland
    hello! my name is aimee friedland and this is my ultra kool weblog! i wanna b cool 4lyfe so check it out plz! thx, k thx.
    Location: Boston, Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts

  • Wilderness Weblog by Al Errington
    Fishing, Wildife and Nature at a remote wilderness vacation resort in Northern Ontario Canada accessible by Train or Float Plane
    Location: Ontario, Canada Flag of Canada

  • Alyndabear by alyndabear
    A rambling Aussie school teacher with access to a blog.. phwoar, that's dangerous!
    Location: Sydney, Australia Flag of Australia

  • midnightskyz by amy
    blog, portfolio, photojournal
    Location: Boston, Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts

  • Craft, Hidden Meaning, Not So Hidden Meaning And The Occasional Bit Of Fun. by Andy Law
    A collection of poems by Andy Law.
    Location: Ilkley, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Anna's Xanga Site by Anna
    Location: Los Angeles, California Flag of California

  • Antonin Bastian by Antonin Bastian
    Singer, songwriter, producer. This is my personal weblog. Photos, lyrics, links and shouts!
    Location: Palma, Spain Flag of Spain

  • ArsGeek by Arsgeek
    Freeing your inner geek. Interesting news and views on technology, science and society.
    Location: Boston, Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts

  • Smart Keywords Blog by AussieWebmaster
    Information about the search marketing industry. PPC, organic and all methods of ROI technology are discussed.
    Location: Bay Ridge, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Average Joe Blogs by Average Joe
    The rants, raves, reviews, and muddled thoughts of an Average Joe. This is the new home of Average Joe Blogs.
    Location: Indiana Flag of Indiana

  • O Bacamarte by b.m.
    De Sonic Youth a Cordel do Fogo Encantado. De Guimarães Rosa à Neil Gaiman. De Woody Allen a Almodovar. Cinema, Literatura, Quadrinhos, Games, Música, Anime. Mas não muito mais do que isso.
    Location: Santos, Brazil Flag of Brazil

  • Baran's World by Baran Akkush
    Reviews and Download Links of albums that are mostly indie.
    Location: Ankara, Turkey Flag of Turkey

  • Vampire Next Door Trilogy by Barbara Price Galvan
    Who Lives Next Door? Maybe a sexy vampire! In the darkness of the night and with the power of love comes a new intriguing trilogy, The Vampire Next Door: The Outerworld. Come see that Mira Samson is not any ordinary vampire.
    Location: Galloway, Ohio Flag of Ohio

  • EL Borak's Myopia by Bill Hoyt
    A Narrow View of Things
    Location: Fort Scott, Kansas Flag of Kansas

  • El Borak's Myopia by Bill Hoyt
    News and current events from the canter of the universe, Kansas
    Location: Fort Scott, Kansas Flag of Kansas

  • Mudemos dAssunto by Biscoita
    Just a blog about my thoughts... And others as well...!
    Location: Cacém, Portugal Flag of Portugal

  • Me and My Bike's Misdemeanor by blueeyes
    Riding is thrilling, dangerous and ecstatic - it makes me soar higher!
    Location: San Francisco, United States Flag of United States

  • Bruce Arnold's Blog by Bruce Arnold
    Welcome to my Blog. Here’s where I’m going to discuss my music, books and music education and my current activities. Here is also where I hope you’ll dialogue with me. The topics can be about what I’m currently working on; new books I’ve written or read, or just notes about the things that interest me. I’ll also be answering your questions about music, whether they are about beginning or advanced subjects. I plan to post every day, my schedule permitting.
    Location: New York, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Casa Calado - Australian Shepherd & Golden Retriever by Calado
    Articles, events, stories, photos, videos, dog show, obedience, agility, herding and a lot more about dogs and our Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever
    Location: Faro, Portugal Flag of Portugal

  • Miles to go by Chantal
    A multicultural and multilingual storytelling of my travelling. France, England, Germany, Spain and Jordan! Studying, working and travelling. I’m a girl who has yet to see the world, who has miles to go before she sleeps.
    Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Chick Geek Games by Chick Geek
    Have you ever been curious which online games are better and why? What are those psyhology and financial tricks behind the online games that make you pay when you didn't even noticed it? How they make you sit and play all day and night? Consumers of the real-life goods are defended with knowledge against unfair goods producers. So should be you - with the knowledge about online games market! Read a fresh online games blog written by an advertising specialist and female gamer from Russia.
    Location: Russia, Federation of Flag of Russia, Federation of

  • Pink Otter Party by Chiyo-ni
    A quasi-autobiographical and humorous "engrish" blog featuring occasional appearances by characters such as Pink Otter, Old Bean, Tiberius the Hippo, Chicky Wot-zit, and Mango the Cat.
    Location: San Diego, California Flag of California

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