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  • Annoying Crap by Adam
    Daily account of things that just tick me off. Now, taking guest submissions.
    Location: Sacramento, California Flag of California

  • Learning Spanish in 10 weeks (hopefully) by Adam
    An EFL teacher puts the learning theories to the test, by trying to learn conversational Spanish in just 10 weeks. Of interest to all language learners and linguists.
    Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Napelon by ali m
    a daily life in iran
    Location: Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of Flag of Iran, Islamic Republic of

  • More You See The Less You Know, The by Allie
    Intermittent Ramblings, personal
    Location: Surrey, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • troblogdita by anarresti
    poesia, desenhos, pequenas histórias, do quotidiano ao assombro.
    Location: Braga, Portugal Flag of Portugal

  • | travel, adventure, etc by Andrew
    Travel photos and stories from around the world!
    Location: Sydney, Australia Flag of Australia

  • Blog by Andy
    Movers Blog, local movers marketplace where you can compare the moving prices and hire a company that is right for you.
    Location: Salt Lake, United States Flag of United States

  • Blogarithm by Andy MacDonald
    Blogarithm provides tools for blog readers. The blog has announcements of new features.
    Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Flag of Pennsylvania

  • phantoms online world by angelofmusic
    Everyting phantom test, surveys, pictures, and more
    Location: Spring Creek, Nevada Flag of Nevada

  • Burning Bush, The by ArchAngel
    News and events that interest me.
    Location: Dryden, Ontario Flag of Ontario

  • Danburg Murmur by Aron
    Observations concerning family, friends, restaurants, travels and whatever else comes to mind
    Location: Houston, Texas Flag of Texas

  • Orange Juice! by Art Pedroza
    Orange County's first political blog, since 2003. We feature political news and commentary from writers from the left, right and the middle. Our writers include Art Pedroza, Claudio Gallegos and Larry Gilbert.
    Location: Santa Ana, California Flag of California

  • Bangkok Pundit by Bangkok Pundit
    A blog about Thailand with a focus on Thai politics and the problems in Southern Thailand.
    Location: Bangkok, Thailand Flag of Thailand

  • Let's Start Simple! by Benjamin Emmanuel
    adventures of a 20 year old home cook
    Location: Berlin, Germany Flag of Germany

  • Divorce Jokes - The Humorous Side of Divorce - Jokes Humor Satire by Beth
    Divorce jokes, humor and satire, from The Joke Index, covers the funny and humorous side of divorce. Cut back on stress and read a joke or two or more. Have a few laughs.
    Location: Pasadena, California Flag of California

  • BevTalk by Bev
    Location: Johannesburg, South Africa Flag of South Africa

  • It's only cricket by Binit
    A cricket blog. Specially cricket from indian perpective and cricket world. Test match cricket and One day cricket.
    Location: Hyderabad, India Flag of India

  • Boris Domain by Boris loukanov
    Boris Loukanov Marketing Creative blog
    Location: Sofia, Bulgaria Flag of Bulgaria

  • BAMCAT - the blog by Brian McKechnie
    Ramblings from film and video producer Brian McKechnie.
    Location: Waterloo Region, Ontario Flag of Ontario

  • Extraordinarily Unexciting Lives Of Bubala, Mumi & Max, The by Bubala
    The totally boring day to day life experiences of two gay men and their dog living somewhere in the Middle Eastern United States.
    Location: Baltimore, Maryland Flag of Maryland

  • Link building Expert by builder
    expert in Link building and Social Marketing but trying to learn each day in this harder going field.
    Location: Dlehi, India Flag of India

  • Run Calum Run by Calum
    Follow extreme music journalist Calum Harvie as he undertakes a number of fundraising running challenges.
    Location: Scotland Flag of Scotland

  • Cam's Blog by Cam
    Daily Babble...Zero Credibility
    Location: Toledo, Ohio Flag of Ohio

  • Barcelona Photoblog: A daily picture about Barcelona by Carlos Lorenzo
    A daily picture about barcelona with links to all the members of the daily photo family in the world, classified by countries
    Location: Barcelona, Spain Flag of Spain

  • Cruise Around The World The Fun Way by Carol
    Find out everything you want to know about going on cruises from someone who's made it into a hobby and goes on a cruise at least two to three times every year. You'll get the best hints and tips and the finest cruise destinations.
    Location: United States Flag of United States

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