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  • globalghettogoddess by afa
    this is not a test, this is not the west
    Location: Gaza, Various places Flag of Various places

  • Drug Testing Blog by Alex
    On this blog you can learn more about drug testing. Detoxification products and information to help you pass a drug test.
    Location: New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Alicia Marie Photografy Blog by Alicia Marie
    My photography, my life, my thoughts, all shared to you.
    Location: Austin, Texas Flag of Texas

  • Amy's LiveJournal by Amy L. Marr
    Just my random ramblings
    Location: South Grafton, Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts

  • More Than Referential. by Andrew
    Half-witted biography in short: Vassar neuroscience undergrad slotted between fashion advertising and writing; spending Spring '05 in University of Edinburgh.
    Location: Yonkers, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • Antonio Barranco by Antonio Barranco
    usabilidad, diseño, marketing, publicidad, promoción, nuevas tecnologías, modelos de negocio
    Location: Córdoba, Spain Flag of Spain

  • somewhere in... blog by Arild
    somewhere in... we create colourful moments of togetherness, discovery and achievement. web solutions - the nordic way
    Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh Flag of Bangladesh

  • [EN] babochina /// a belgitude in beijing by babochina
    diaries of a belgitude in beijing, or peking, in china anyway /// life & fluctuations of babochina : from coucou land with love ...
    Location: Beijing, China (PRC) Flag of China (PRC)

  • Bright Barometer, The by Barry Bigalow
    It's about a small Australian tourist town called Bright. It's describes and reports on the local attitudes, the parochialism, the backward thinking, the resentment of 'newcomers', the local politics and the general disconnection of the local populus from anything resembling the much wider and real world. Told in a purely observational style with the odd editorial comment thrown in for good measure. By and large though this blog holds up a mirror and shows the town of Bright to the world so the world can look, wonder, be amazed and laugh at the goings on. Bright is a remote holiday destination, population about 3,000, tucked away in the foothills and valleys of the mountain ranges in southeast Australia. It's a weird place folks.
    Location: Bright, Australia Flag of Australia

  • benONTHEBLOCK by ben
    random ranting about whatsoever happened in my mind and under the sky of the city of angels a.k.a Bangkok and sometimes ask you questions through the eyes of extra happy permanent single gay guy :)
    Location: Bangkok, Thailand Flag of Thailand

  • Divorce Jokes - The Humorous Side of Divorce - Jokes Humor Satire by Beth
    Divorce jokes, humor and satire, from The Joke Index, covers the funny and humorous side of divorce. Cut back on stress and read a joke or two or more. Have a few laughs.
    Location: Studio City, California Flag of California

  • Personal Assistant's Weblog, The by Bev
    Virtual Assistant
    Location: London, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Bianca's Blog by Bianca
    Military Blog
    Location: Fort Polk, Louisiana Flag of Louisiana

  • World 4U by Billos
    Blog about pop culture.
    Location: Brno, Czech Republic Flag of Czech Republic

  • Lastoutpost by bitter_twisted
    Political Satire and Politucal rants in german. Not normally politically correct. In fact the PC. destruction of Civil Liberties is a frequent topic.
    Location: Germany Flag of Germany

  • Little Light by Black Canary
    My daily rantings
    Location: Kentucky Flag of Kentucky

  • Asia News by Bloggero
    The most important news from the east. News about China, Korea, Japan, etc.
    Location: Argentina Flag of Argentina

  • In My Mind by Brooke
    personal weblog, American Idol, Japan, friends, having fun, personal adventures, shopping
    Location: Greenville, South Carolina Flag of South Carolina

  • To Be Rich Is Glorious by Carl
    This is my travel diary on my one year long retreat in the far east; China.
    Location: Beijing, China (PRC) Flag of China (PRC)

  • No More Onion Bags by Cass
    Soccer comment and analysis for the US based fan
    Location: New York, United States Flag of United States

  • Bank Foreclosures Articles by Cassiano
    Read articles and get current news on investing in bank foreclosures. Get the information you need to buy foreclosure homes.
    Location: Miami, Florida Flag of Florida

  • MultiMundos by Catherine
    Daily musings about life, love, art, music, literature & poetry with a hint Hispanic/Latin/Brazilian/Spanish flavouring
    Location: Melbourne, Australia Flag of Australia

  • Letters Apart by Catonya
    The on-going story of a battle with the police department for the truth about the high-speed pursuit that killed her husband.
    Location: Wichita Falls, Texas Flag of Texas

  • Cincinnati Bengals Blog by Chad
    Welcome to my blog about the Cincinnati Bengals and NFL Football!
    Location: Cincinnati, Ohio Flag of Ohio

  • A to Z of World by Chandu
    A to Z of World
    Location: Bangalore, India Flag of India

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