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  • y la historia continua by Cees
    stories and pictures of peru and girlfriend
    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands Flag of Netherlands

  • Y Logs, The by Yzabel
    Musings, opinions and reviews about books, life, blogs and many other topics
    Location: Paris, France Flag of France

  • Y Media Labs by Priyanka
    Blog about interesting articles and happenings in the Social Media space.
    Location: Bay Area, United States Flag of United States

  • Y TU TAMBIEN by Ruth
    Personal, music, movies
    Location: Monterrey, Mexico Flag of Mexico

  • Y'en a marre: Le fond de l'eprouvette by Mimile
    Comment on peut cumuler la vie d'expat et la vie de labo: bio mol et fish & chips.
    Location: Warwick, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • y-intercept by y-intercept
    Location: Salt Lake City, Utah Flag of Utah

  • YA Reads by YA Reads
    Young Adult fiction book reviews and community.
    Location: Canada Flag of Canada

  • Yada Yada Yada by Michelle
    The day-to-day ramblings, rants and raves of a 28 year old female. And, heck, there may even be some interesting posts somewhere on this blog.
    Location: Saint Louis, Missouri Flag of Missouri

  • Yadayadayada... by Me
    Rants. Raves. Ramblings. Just my random thoughts outloud.
    Location: Makati, Philippines Flag of Philippines

  • Yahoo Store Advice & RTML by Ashwani Bhasin
    Yahoo Store Developers & Merchant corner to share ideas, experiences and new stuff on the Yahoo Store Merchant Solutions
    Location: Sterling, Virginia Flag of Virginia

  • YAHTI by Lara Yahti
    Bloggers magazine - Blogerski magazin
    Location: Belgrade, Yugoslavia Flag of Yugoslavia

  • Yak Attack by Khambagirl
    Life on the Tibetan Plateau
    Location: Xining City, Qinghai Province, China (PRC) Flag of China (PRC)

  • Yam Chaa da 1 by Uma Pessoa
    Location: Macau, China (PRC) Flag of China (PRC)

  • Yambo Ouologuem Forum by Awa Ouologuem
    A Blog on all things concerning the write Yambo Ouologuem, created by Awa Ouologuem his daughter.
    Location: No place, unknown, or undetermined Flag of No place, unknown, or undetermined

  • Yamgruel by O
    not here, but here
    Location: Various places Flag of Various places

  • Yandy Lingerie Blog by Yandy
    A lingerie blog from online retailer Yandy covering the lingerie industry, trends and fashion.
    Location: Arlington, Virginia Flag of Virginia

  • Yank Blog by Happy Steve
    News about Weird Al Yankovic, my site, and other stuff.
    Location: Illinois Flag of Illinois

  • Yank's Franks by Yank
    This blog is meant to chronicle the step-by-step process of taking an entreprenuerial effort from being just a dream to a reality (hopefully). I'll share my efforts toward selecting a name, a menu, a logo, a location, as well as everything before, after, and in between.
    Location: Wells, Maine Flag of Maine

  • Yank's View on Tottenham, A by Joel
    An American's view on Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. I talk about the team, the matches, and the rumors about the clubs in the papers.
    Location: Atlanta, Georgia Flag of Georgia

  • Yankee Fan living in Boston, A by Trumoose
    The rants and raves of a Yankee fan living in Boston
    Location: Boston, Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts

  • Yankee Fog by Jacob Sager Weinstein
    Something interesting every Tuesday, from an American comedy writer living in London.
    Location: London, England Flag of England

  • Yankee Hacker, A by Nathan Cooprider
    Personal blog of Nathan Cooprider. Often tech-centric.
    Location: Bedford, Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts

  • Yankee in Texas, A by Jeremy
    This blog is about me getting a new job in Texas, the process I'm going through to move from New York to Texas, and then the daily life of a Yankee living and working in Texas.
    Location: Austin, Texas Flag of Texas

  • Yankee Kitchen by Robin
    A New England food blog. Recipes, tips kitchen equipment.
    Location: Providence, Rhode Island Flag of Rhode Island

  • Yankee Mania by Zachary
    A blog dedicated to the news, highlights, trade moves, and game scores of the New York Yankees. Come join in clean discussions and game chats!
    Location: Trenton, New Jersey Flag of New Jersey

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