Why Isn’t My Site Listed?

On January 8, 2006, in Uncategorized, by admin

I receive several emails a week inquiring why weblogs are not yet showing up. I’m not always able to answer these emails individually, and have updated the FAQ with a section that may answer the question “I submitted my weblog a while ago, so why isn’t it listed yet?” It’s possible that it could be for one of the reasons listed below:

1. The site submitted is a .rss or .xml page. Globe of Blogs is not a feed aggregator. (If your site has a .rss or .xml feed that’s fine, just please don’t submit it as your listing.)

2. The site submitted is a commercial site with no weblog content.

3. The site submitted does not contain any weblog content.

4. The site submitted has one or fewer weblog posts.

5. The submission was incomplete — usually an invalid URL.


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