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  • Advoor - Our World by Advoor
    A attempt to explore the weird and funny world around us
    Location: United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • I AM AHEM by Ahem
    documentarian, dancer, traveler
    Location: Victoria, British Columbia Flag of British Columbia

  • Akash Jain Blog from Dubai by Akash
    A Blog on Corporate Humor that occasionally touches upon Religion and Technology too.
    Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Flag of United Arab Emirates

  • Cutting Edge Green Technologies by Alan
    Cutting Edge Green Technologies is a blog covering the very latest in solar, wind, hydro electric, fuel cells, hydrogen, and bio-fuel technology. Its focus is on the consumer products - alternative energy you can use in your home to save money.
    Location: Boston, Massachusetts Flag of Massachusetts

  • My Alibi by Allie
    Thoughts on life, politics, war, anything, everything
    Location: Springfield, Illinois Flag of Illinois

  • Alvin(Lumea lui...) by Alvin
    about our life
    Location: Bucuresti, Romania Flag of Romania

  • blogs @ by Arbet
    Blog about anything under the sun
    Location: Manila, Philippines Flag of Philippines

  • Internet dating by Author
    Tips for meeting your love online
    Location: Minsk, Belarus Flag of Belarus

  • by Barron
    Weblog of Barron Fujimoto.
    Location: Austin, Texas Flag of Texas

  • Intergalactic Word Salad by Beanie
    Intergalactic Word Salad is, essentially, a vault for all the quotes that have tickled me throughout my reading adventures; a salad of magical words & phrases, if you will. IWS is also a place for my book reviews.
    Location: United States Flag of United States

  • Makanani by Beverly
    Musings, opinions, rants and raves, the occasional deep thought and endless mind chatter of a tree-hugging, dirt worshiping, peace loving and often bewildered barefoot single Goddess and eternal flower child.
    Location: San Francisco, California Flag of California

  • So This is Wonderland by Beverly
    The rants, raves, musings and mindless brain chatter of a dirt-worshipping, tree-hugging liberal Democrat/Eclectic Pagan single mom.
    Location: Sacramento, California Flag of California

  • All Celebrity Gossip - All the Time by Big Fan
    The best of celebrity gossip. Updated regularly to include all of the latest gossip on your favorite celebrities.
    Location: Toronto, Ontario Flag of Ontario

  • Ashlee Simpson Watch by Big Fan
    All of the latest gossip on the wonderful Ashlee Simpson.
    Location: Toronto, Ontario Flag of Ontario

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly by Brandy Dunkel
    mom, dad and baby growing up... the happenings of our little family. We ask readers for advice on raising a toddler and share what works for us.
    Location: Auburn, California Flag of California

  • Donkey Kicker by Brian
    This blog is about addressing the bad foreign policy that has plauged this country for the last 60 years. I want to invite intelligent discussion on these topics. This blog will also talk about current events that will be affecting the next presidential election.
    Location: Chicago, Illinois Flag of Illinois

  • Desolation Den, The by Charles
    Half poorly written fiction, half poorly lived life, all 101 proof white knuckle thrill ride.
    Location: Springfield, Illinois Flag of Illinois

  • La gatita consentida by chunchaandrea
    This one is Silvi's blog a kitty that wants to share her histories and to do friends
    Location: Maracay, Venezuela Flag of Venezuela

  • comakut by comakut
    Un poco de todo. Tecnología, personal, viajes y mucho más.
    Location: Pamplona, Spain Flag of Spain

  • Political Quotes by Craig brings you the best republican quotes and democratic quotes from top pundits, politicians, and talking heads.
    Location: Idaho Flag of Idaho

  • Craig Thomas Brown by Craig Thomas Brown
    Scottish bloke trying to get used to living in Australia.
    Location: Brisbane, Australia Flag of Australia

  • Dónde el corazón me lleve by Cristiano
    A bit of everything: life, friends, movies, books and so on. Take a look, you won´t regret
    Location: Santiago, Chile Flag of Chile

  • Ham & Cheese on Wry by Curly McDimple
    Location: Brooklyn, New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • D's in Korea?!?! by Danielle
    I ran away from my nice warm home in Jacksonville, Florida and am spending a year teaching english in Korea... this blog is a breath of fresh air... sometimes a cry for help...
    Location: Sanbon, Korea (South) Flag of Korea (South)

  • CraZyLaZy by dasdi
    New Technolgy,Gadjets,review,products
    Location: Cochin, India Flag of India

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